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Blogdefined now invites Guest Authors who are willing to write on this blog. Currently we are accepting guest posts on the topic which includes Technology, Social Media, SEO, Blogging, WordPress. You can choose any topic of your interest to write on BD. Guest Authors will be known as Contributor of this website.

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How to Write Guest Article

You have to create your account on BlogDefined. Click here to Register on BlogDefined. After Registration, You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox with password. Login to BD and update your profile and change the password too. Use this link to Edit your Profile Directly.

After Login, you will see an option Post > Add New Post. Click on add new post, write down your posts, write good title and tags. Do not forget to select the related category.

After submitting your article, you have to wait for the final review of your article and finally if is follows all the rules, it will be approved and live on the website.

Why to Write Guest Blog Post?

Get Dofollow Backlinks & Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

We all know that Getting backlinks and traffic is good for Search Engine Optimization. It can give you good ranking in search engines. You are allowed to use 1 links in your Profile description & 1 Link in website field of your profile (Complete your profile after creating your account on blogdefined.com) which will be shown at the end of each article.

You will Get BacklinkTraffic from our reader to your website for lifetime + Exposure to our reader of lifetime +Related Readers to your website.

You are getting so much benefits for writing Guest post on Blogdefined.Com then you must write Quality Posts to get much more. More you will write, more benefit you will receive.

Guest Post Format

This is one of the best Guest Post Received till date i.e. Learn Basic SEO For WordPress by Srivathsan. Such Guest Posts will be approved with few hours and will be featured everywhere.

Please Read this Posting Guidelines Before Posting

1. Self Promotion of your website is not allowed. We will do everything to promote your articles to huge potential readers.

2. Do not post similar articles which are already posted here. Do a Search using our search box on top.

3. Copied Articles are not allowed. Your article should be completely written by you and 100% Original. Original Articles get lots of traffic from search engine because we have follow all SEO basics to get traffic on your article.

4. You can add related images inside your articles. Images are best way to convey you message. But Avoid adding too many images. Concentrate on Quality of Content.

5. Give Credit to the Original Information if you are using in your post like images, any statement.

6. You should give response to the comments made on your posts because the more you will engage with the readers, the more exposure you will get.

7. Keyword based anchor text’s are not allowed but you can use your domain name as keyword.

8. We will be unable to give DoFollow link to a insurance/health/education/non-relevant sites from my tech blog. Also, do not submit your post if you are doing any guest post service for others.

9. Topics should be related to Tech / Internet / Gadgets / SEO.

So, If you are ready to write Guest Posts then Register on BlogDefined.

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