How to Create Gmail Account without Mobile Phone SMS Verification

Google have already applied sms verification feature for creating a new gmail account. Using this feature, the number of spam accounts getting created everyday with reduce and it will ensure that only real users are creating gmail account, not any bot or tool.

But what if you are creating a gmail account and seeing the following error or SMS verification page?

This is totally irritating and many of the users might be facing similar situation in creating another gmail account and which will result in moving to other email alternatives like hotmail, yahoomail and others. Also, this is a bad feature for those who don’t have any mobile number where they can receive there SMS Verification.

Is creating multiple Gmail Account Valid?
I don’t think a user can’t have multiple gmail account. You may think that creating multiple gmail address is not valid but for your information, Gmail have already introduced one feature called Gmail Email Delegation and using this feature, you can access all your gmail accounts from one single account. So, after this feature was introduced in December 2010, I am now sure that you can have multiple gmail account.

How to Create New Gmail Account Without SMS Verification
There is no official post on how to create a gmail account bypassing SMS verification but you can use the following methods to create a new gmail account.
Method 1

  1. If you are getting this error on your IP address then it means you can not create another account from the same IP address. Use the computer of your friend and any other source like cybercafe, office or school.
  2. Use other devices like mobile phone or laptop that is, use any other device except the one you use regularly.
  3. Delete all the browser cookies before starting the signup process.
  4. Now follow the registration process and use your real name and avoid using username based on any keyword that doesn’t look like a real. Make sure to fill secondary email field in registration form.

If you are using the above steps then I am sure you can create a fresh new account in Gmail.

Method 2
If you are using any other email services apart from Gmail then you can ask your friends to invite you to on gmail on that email address and then you can use that invitation to create new gmail account.

Let us know if you are using any other method to create a gmail account & also share your feedback about above methods.


  1. Deepak Kumar Govind says:

    this article is very helpful but this only works sometimes but i have created a video where you can create account without any mobile verification and you can create multiple Google Accounts in a Genuine way check this video and please comment on my video

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      Your video talks about creating google account but this post is about creating gmail account & I don’t think this video is useful for creating gmail but if any one is looking for creating Google account then this video is very useful. Thanks for sharing.

      • Hi Pankaj,
        I am a teacher and in a computer lab- every two weeks I have a new class and I have always been able to get everyone to sign up for Gmail with relatively few problems- except for the past month or so where everyone keeps getting asked for mobile phone verification and it’s very difficult as not everyone has a cell phone.
        Is there any way around this problem or do I need to choose a new web based email?
        Thank you in advance so much for your help!

      • PankajGupta says:

        It’s really difficult to get many signup from same IP address in Gmail. Now a days, it’s really difficult. You may try other email providers like, yahoo or other.

    • cruelhippie says:

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      Our internet connection is too bad.Please send me your not busy.

  2. I tried Method 2 and it worked fine!
    I’m using my existing Gmail to send to my other email :D
    Thanks bro.

  3. The invitation method works, and each account has 50 invites to send. I suppose a person can use all their 50 emails of six accounts… in six decades or so… LOL

    Thanks mate!

  4. Keerthi says:

    How do you create multiple ids.. say 60 + in a month without mobile verification?
    Is there a tool or will the invite method work?

    • PankajGupta says:

      I don’t think you can create that much account in short time. It’s spamming Google and your IP May get banned permanently.

  5. sanjay Maloo says:

    good morning sir
    i want to know about gmail verification code
    how to i get it without my phone
    i want it for my site.for every user profile is secure from any malefare

  6. sanjay Maloo says:

    my website in based on php technology . can this is possible in php

  7. i tried the first method, multiple times, and it doesnt work
    what is this faggotry

  8. you only need to mobile phone for SMS verification process once google detected that multiple accounts has been created using your IP address. You can avoid this by adding some proxy to your web browser or if you’re not that computer savvy, register for a new mail using a WIFI connection or use someone else computer.

  9. lousy post. Not useful at all.

  10. nice post thanks for the info ;)

  11. Davidshell says:

    I think its stupid that i cant us my phone to start new account because i had used it to many times trying to do so

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