5 Great Sites to Make a Free website

Need to make a free website? If yes, today we are going to list 5 great websites using which you can create free website in matter of some minutes.

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5 Great Sites to Make a Free website

1.)    Weebly: Weebly is the leader in the free websites arena. The website claims that it has more than 3 million free websites that have been created by the users. The interface is simple and easy to use. It also features the drag and drop feature that makes the website creation a breeze. Weebly has a number of free professional looking templates from which you can choose for your website. Besides this there are several other services like SEO Support and Domain publishing that is provided by the Weebly itself, so that you can concentrate more on your website. There is free domain hosting facility also available. Another plus point of this Weebly is that they will not clutter your site with the advertisements.

2.)    Wix: Wix is the special website that allows you to create a Flash website. The online editor is simple to use and features drag and drop support that will make rendering and controlling of videos and other aspects of the website easier. The website assumes zero knowledge of HTML and SEO and thus they are provided the website itself. There are a number of free professional templates to choose from. Besides this you can additional features like Google Maps, Social networking plugins, etc. at few clicks of the mouse.

3.)    Webs: Webs is offers all the answers to the small business needs. You are required to focus only on the products and services that are offered by your website rather than on the design and layout of the website. Webs offers you free as well paid accounts. The page editor is simple to use with drag and drop support. There are more than 500 themes to choose from. Besides this video sharing, social media connectivity, e mail, photo sharing and much more can be done with ease.

4.)    Homestead: Homestead is another free website where you can make your websites for free. The website offers more or same features that are discussed above. Some of its features include personalized domain names, customization of themes and designs, more than 2000 designs to choose from and integration of PayPal gateway to send/ receive payments.

5.)     uCoz: uCoz is another excellent free website that allows you to create free website. The website has this unique content management system that makes the layout and design of all the free websites similar. Besides this you will be given free web hosting along with unlimited amount of traffic. The 99.8 per cent uptime as claimed by the company is one of the major driving factors that will ensure that your website always live.

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