How to Invite Your Friends on Google Plus Social Networking Site

If you have joined Google Plus social networking site then you can also invite your friends on Google Plus. Please remember, if you are not inviting your friends on Google Plus then they can not join Google Plus website because registration is invitation based. It means your friends must get invitation from you to join Google Plus.

So, Invite your all friends and hangout with them at one place.

I am sharing you the process by which you can invite your friends on Google plus. If you want a Google Plus Invitation from me then check this Free Google Plus Invitation post :) .

1. Login to your Google plus account and then see at right side bottom of the page and you will get an option called send invites as shown in the following screenshot.

2. Click on the link which says “invite people to join Google+” and it will open a popup box where you can enter email id in the box and then press enter. If you want to invite multiple friends then take their email id and write them by separating with a comma (,) i.e.

email id 1, email id 2, etc….

and then click on invite button. Please keep in mind that, in case of multiple invitation, you have to write each email id by separating it with a comma before writing the second email id.

3. Once you have clicked on invite button then it will open a new box which will look like the following i.e. your invitation is sent to all those email id and now they can join Google Plus within next few seconds. Now, you can add them into circle directly from this page. Mouse hover to add to circle box and check the circle box.

Above was the official way to invite friend & people to Google Plus. If you can’t see the google invite link at right side of your page, then you can use this Google Plus Invitation trick to invite your friends.

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