Facebook Like Unlike Problem – Unliking Automatically ? [Solution]

Are you also facing the problem with facebook like button on your blog posts or website i.e. after liking a URL facebook like button is unliking itself? I faced this issue & after searching on facebook developer section, finally I found the solution that may work for you too.

So, Facebook URL linter feature can solve your problem within few second if you are facing problem with your facebook like button on any specific page URL. The drawback or disadvantage, you can say, is you have to manually perform this step every time you encounter any problem with your facebook like button.

Suppose you are clicking Facebook Like Button & if it’s automatically unliking itself within second then you have to do the following steps.

1. Open Facebook URL Linter page Open This.
2. Enter the URL of your blog post which is having issue with facebook like in the above page & click on lint button.

3. Now, it will open a detail analysis page of that URL where you can scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find Like Button. Check the following screenshot.

4. If your Blog URL is facing this issue then the number of like at the page will be Zero. So, Click on Like button and it will increment the facebook like count by 1.
5. Go back to your blog & refresh that page. Now, Click on Like button.. OHOO…. Now, Like button is working!! Great!

So, Do this process again if you found the same Facebook Like Unlike error again & solve this issue again within few seconds.


  1. I was searching for this all over the web.. Excellent info Pankaj :)

  2. isn’t this a little bit troublesome? Facebook developers already admitted that there’s an issue with the like button and they’re working on it as of this moment. I wrote an article about that.

    By the way, I agree with you that the procedure you shared with us works – intermittently. I already tried that last week and it worked for me sometimes and for unfortunate reason it does not.

  3. Here’s the bug ticket from Facebook developers.


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