Top 10 Game Widgets For Android

Check out these top 10 Game widgets for your android device. Let us know if you are using any other apart from this list.

1. Sudoku Premium
Are you ready to visit the incredible world of numbers and put together pieces of a difficult puzzle? If yes, then you should get Sudoku Premium. This widget comes along with four different difficulty levels, useful functions and a truly intuitive interface that will determine you to love Sudoku even more. Get this application now, from Sudoku Premium

2. Pesoguin Clock

If you want to have the full version of Pesoguin Clock on your device, Android gives you the chance to get it right now. This great widget makes you smile every time you look at the time. Pesoguin changes his expressions and acts in a different way every single hour. Now, you can even talk to him, teach him different things and have a snack with him occasionally. Visit Pesoguin at Pesoguin Clock

3. Droid Pet Widget

Now, you can have two incredible friends: your own gadget and your favorite pet. Android gives you the chance to use the virtual world to raise, educate, train and feed your beloved pet. This widget is very easy to manage, as it includes a walk-through application. Visit it at Droid Pet Widget

4. Anime Character Gen.

What do you think about building characters through a really high quality artwork machine? Anime Character Gen. gives you the chance to build your own characters, save and even share them with your friends. This application comes along with thousands of parts, colors, and incredible options. Get it now, from Anime Character Gen.

5. Agenda Widget Ultimate

This application helps you to have an overview of your weekly tasks. Agenda Widget Ultimate allows you to easily check the tasks that you must perform during the current week based on a multiple calendar. As well, it permits you to check any previous and future events and plan ahead any tasks that you must complete in the future. Check it now, at Agenda Widget Ultimate.

6. Panda Talks

If you love Orepan, you should definitely get this application. This comic wallpaper comes with splendid features that allow Orepan to talk to you, be cute and sometimes, get wild. Moreover, Orepan does not come alone. He comes together with his friends: a duck, a rabbit, a cat and a dog. Pay him a visit at Panda Talks.

7. rimShooter

Another amazing widget! Now, you can tease your family, friends and even coworkers with this incredible application. Have fun with Clown Horn, TaDah, WaWa Waa and Rimshot and then, visit Twitter to share impressions. Check this widget out at rimShooter and get prepared for the inevitable.

8. GeoStar
This application delivers an extraordinary way to improve your knowledge. It allows you to have fun, while finding out incredible things about different capitals, countries and their flags. Now, you can easily learn interesting details about four different countries every day and become a GeoStar expert. Visit GeoStar.

9. Pesoguin SAKURA DANCE

This is the full version of Pesoguin SAKURA DANCE wallpaper. This great widget allows you and Pesoguin to become the best friends, while practicing dance. And as a good friend, you will compliment and praise your buddy who is going to dance even better. Relax your mind and have a better day now, by simply visit Pesoguin and his cute little girlfriend, Pesoko, at Pesoguin SAKURA DANCE.

10. TamaWidget Dog
If you love dogs, you should definitely get this application. You can give your virtual dog a name, feed him and watch him as he grows. But, make sure that you respect his personality and desires, which sometimes could be stronger than yours. You can get this widget from TamaWidget Dog.

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