How to Update Google Plus Stream Post via SMS

Do you want to know the procedure of updating your Google Plus Stream post via SMS? Currently post via sms is only available for Indian users. If you are in India then you can post your Google+ wall post by just sending an SMS. No need to Login to your Google plus account. Don’t worry! This feature will be enabled for your country very soon, if you are not from India.

How to Update Post via SMS in Google Plus ?

First of all, you have to associate & verify your mobile number with your Google Plus profile. Using this method you can also receive SMS notifications on your mobile phone. You can read this post to know how to enable Google Plus SMS Notification and then use it for Posting your Google+ updates via sms.

To Update your Google+ stream via sms, type your message in your inbox and send it to 9222222222. Please keep in mind that you may have to pay for each sms depending on your mobile network carrier.

You can share your Google+ stream update with any circle or with any particular email id. Also, you can share it publicly. For that you just have to use some Google+ keywords at the end of your message.

Google Plus SMS Keywords

Feeling happy to update my Stream via SMS :) @Friends
Description: Members inside your circle called Friends can read this update. It will be hidden from others.

Feeling happy to update my Stream via SMS :) @public
Description: Any one from web can read your profile update i.e. it will be publicly available.

Feeling happy to update my Stream via SMS :)
Description: Only user with this email address can read this update.

I have already updated my Stream using this feature & I used @public keyword so that every users can see this Google+ Stream update.

Let us know once you have updated your status using this feature. How’s your feeling?

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