How to Create Google Plus Profile Button for Website – Share it on Google+

Now you can create Google Plus Profile Button for your website which can be useful for your website readers. Read the following 5 steps to create Google + Profile Button.

Step 1: Visit Google Plus Profile Button Creator page.
Step 2: Enter your Google profile URL on profile button creator page.
Step 3: Select Content page or author page from drop down.
Step 4: Select the size of the button. They have 4 sizes 16px, 32px, 44px, 64px.
Step 5: Copy the generate code from the box and paste it on your website where you want to show it.

Caution: Please read Google Profile Button Branding guidelines carefully before using this Google Plus profile button.

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Once you have created Google Plus Profile Button, it will look like this button shown in right side. If you will click on that then it will take you to my Google Plus Profile Page.

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