HDFC Netsafe Virtual Credit Card Banking – Working & its Benefits

HDFC virtual credit card using Netsafe is a special feature by HDFC Bank for its customers. HDFC Netsafe will create a HDFC Virtual Credit Card (VCC) based on your original HDFC credit card or debit card. Once your HDFC virtual credit card is created then you can use it for online shopping.

Above is the screenshot of HDFC Virtual credit card that really looks like original credit card. It will have your name, credit card number & CVV2 number. I have just loaded Rs.1 in this card to show you a real demo.

HDFC Virtual Credit Card created by HDFC Netsafe will have a time deadline of 48 hours i.e. after 48 hours your VCC will get expired and then no body can reuse that same card of other online shopping. Once you have used the HDFC VCC amount then your remaining amount after shopping will be credited back to your HDFC account with next 3 days.

So, you can create HDFC Virtual Credit Card & load as much amount based on your available bank balance & then use it for shopping online and once your shopping is done then if there any amount left on your VCC then it will be credited back to you account.

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Benefits of Using HDFC Virtual Credit Card

1. Complete security online because you are not revealing your original Credit card or debit card information.
2. You can use this VCC on any merchant site which accepts Master card or VISA Payment cards.
3. Amount used by Netsafe will be appear on your bank statement as usual.

So, If you have HDFC Debit or Credit card then I will suggest you to start using this feature by creating HDFC Virtual Credit Card and don’t use your original card information anywhere else.


  1. Akasharora02 says:

    Very useful post Pankaj

  2. Ashishsukhija says:

    excellent superb info pankaj

  3. Hi Pankaj..this is thing I’d like to add is that the 3 days credit back timeframe is for Credit cards whereas if you have created your Netsafe card using a debit card and the leftover or remaining amount would take as long as 35 days to credit back to your HDFC account..My question to you is that can I recreate a Netsafe after 48 hours and can my partial/ leftover amount from last Netsafe be transferred to my new one?..I know the last part is li’l tricky..but I really wanna know..from Lokesh (

    • First of all, it also takes only 3 days for debit cards. I have platinum debit card and it takes only 3 days.
      Secondly, you can not transfer the left amount of first netsafe card to second one because it will only credited back to your main account, not on any netsafe card. So, you can create another netsafe card if you have balance left in your HDFC main account.

      I hope it’s clear to you. Let me know if you have any doubt.

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  5. Besides buying from online stores,we can verify PayPal account with the HDFC Bank VCC.

    Thanks for a simple explanation.

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