How to Download Picasa Web Album Photos From Google Plus Profile

Do you want to download your picasa web album photos from Google Plus profile with a few mouse clicks? Yes, Google Plus allow its users to download their picasa web album photos on their computer in a zip file. In this post, I will share you the process of downloading all your photos from Picasa web album.

Step 1 : Login to Plus.Google.Com & Click on tools option as shown in this screenshot. Then Click on Google+ Settings link. It will open Google Plus settings page.

Step 2 : Click on Data Liberation Option in left menu side as shown in the following screenshot and then click on download your Picasa Web Albums Photos link.

Step 3 : It will take you to new page called Google Data Takeout where you have to again login with your gmail username and password. Once you have done successful login, it will redirect you to data takeout page. You will find a button called Create Archive. Now, Click on this button to create archive of your photo albums.

Step 4 : After creating archive of your photos it will take you to downloads page where you will get link to download your Picasa web albums photos. Click on download button to download your data and save it to your computer. It will download your data in zip format with file name “”.

Now you can save this file in your computer’s hard drive as a backup of your picasa web album photos. Hope you learned the process of downloading your photos. Share this post in your Google+ Profile to tell your friends to download their picasa web album photos as backup.


  1. in case someone has shared a album on google + how can i download those pics in one go

  2. yea and that is a bad downgrade… a few days ago my friends who know my private albums were able to download albums in a zip file….. bad google+….. and the old webalbums (foto) view was much better and faster…… I think to cancel my google+ just because of the bad “foto-upgrade”  

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