How to Send Google Plus Invite to Friends

Did you got the invitation to join Google Plus & already became the member of Google+ ? Then it’s the time to send Google Plus invite to your friends. This process will tell you how to send Google Plus invitation to your friends to join Google Plus social networking site.

Note: This is an alternative to invite button. This is not the official way to invite your friends. This is a trick Which I used to invite lots of other users.

Step 1: Open your Circle Page
Login to & Click on circle button of the top and it will open the circle page for you. Now you have to create a new circle. Check the first circle in the page labelled “drop here to create a new circle”. Click on this circle and create a new circle.

Note: Prepare the list of all friends email address in a notepad prepare going to step2.

Step 2: Create a New Circle
Go to circle page again and this time click on the option called “Add a new person” as shown in the following screenshot. In this box, you can add one person at a time. Write the email address of one of your friend and click enter.

Step 3: Add Friend into Circle
Once you have entered the email id in above step and pressed enter key then it will ask you to write name of that friend and also you have to add that friend in one circle. Choose the circle which you have created recently and add the friend in that circle. Repeat this process for all friend. Enter their email id manually and add all of them in one circle.

Step 4: Share Update
Once you have added all friends in one circle then go to your Home stream page and write any message. Now click on “Add circles or people to share with…” and select that circle. In the following screenshot, I have created NEw Circle.

Once you have selected circle, click on share button. Don’t forget to check the checkbox near share button as shown in the screenshot.

Now, your message will be sent to all your friends gmail address and once they will open your mail then at the bottom of the mail, they will get a button labelled “Learn More About Google+”. Tell your friends to click on this button and it will take them to signup page.

Note: This will work for most of the gmail users but it is also not working for some users. If this is not working for your friend, then tell him/her to open that link again after 24 hours. Since Google plus is in beta stage so this invitation method may or may not work for each email id.


  1. awesome trick pankaj :)

  2. Agheramahek says:

    But this not work Boss

    • This trick I am using to invite my friends from last 2 days. I agree that it will not work for everyone but I am sure it will work for at least 50% of your friends and if 50% of friends are getting inside G+ then it’s also a good news and if they will use this same method then I am sure the rest 50% will be covered very soon. “something is better than nothing ” :)

  3. Hi, I am eager to try google plus. If possible, can you please extend an invite to googleplus at the following address.

    I shall be thankful over this act of kindness.

  4. -Harshad Ghodke says:

    Can u invite me? harshad[at]

    • I need your gmail id.

      • -Harshad Ghodke says:


      • You will get an email from me. Once you got it, Click on “Learn More About Google+” button and it will take you to sign up page. If you are not getting the signup page then again you have open this link after 24 hours because for some it will work instantly and for others it may take time. Let me know the feedback.

  5. Great,But they temporarily disable there Google + invitation

  6. Edward Smith says:

    Any idea why my friend wouldn’t receive a email at all. Followed your instruction to a T, no luck.

    • Since Google+ is in beta therefore the invitation can take 0-24 hours to reach your friend and also once it is received by your friend then again it may take another 0-24 hours to activate G+ for that person.

  7. Even though the email notification is not sent immediately, those with gmail addresses can go to the google plus main page ( after logging into gmail and sign up directly. It worked for several of my friends.

  8. Lightning Pmm3 says:

    Another Trick That i found out –

    If your friend has a google plus account, just tell him to login in to that and switch account to your mail id it will automatically pop up a signin page!!!


  9. Hey Pankaj, you are the savior dude.

    This worked for many but unfortunately not to with my friend when he tried inviting me. Can you please do send me an invite, consider this as my utmost request.

    I am desperate my dear

    My ID: gotovamsee(at)

  10. Invitation is sent to you.

  11. Hit_wicket says:

    It works for me, Thanks Pankaj

  12. Ericmyers2 says:

    Hi, Great article.  Thank you for taking the time.  Didn’t work for me, however.  Could you send me an invite at ericmyers2 at gmail

  13. Ericmyers2 says:

    Thank you for answering my “send a Google Plus invitation to me.”  I have already sent out a dozen to friends.

    Facebook doesn’t let you have a business account and a social account for the business, and if they find out you have both, they will close both.

    How will Google Plus be better for someone who owns a business and also wants to have a social account on Google Plus? 

    I was hoping a friend from India found someone to help me adjust website designs to be more unique, but that fell through.  Tell me about your SEO too please.

    No need to post this on your site.  heh.



  14. Mikepacifico87 says:

    Awesome write up Pankaj, unfortunately like many others no one I know has google+ (most have no clue what it is yet) is there any chance you could send an invite to mikepacifico87 at gmail? It would be greatly apprecieated!  Thanks in advance!

  15. Valentin Müller says:

    Please also send me an invitation  valentin.mueller2 at gm… Thanks!

  16. Can you invite me  my email internetperu(at) Thank you.

    Great website friend…

  17. hi please invite me rosamundwo@yahoo:disqus .com

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