A Truth About Facebook Share Count That Helps in Increasing Share Like Count

Do you feel happy after seeing facebook share or like count above 100 on your blog post? Do you think your blog post is shared by 100+ different facebook users on their wall? Then you might be wrong. I realized it after I shared one of my blog post on my facebook wall. Within few minutes of sharing that blog post, my facebook share count increase to 34.

Note: After reading this post, you will learn how you can increase the facebook share count or facebook likes i.e. you just share your link on your facebook wall and tell your friends to participate in the discussion.

Please keep this in mind, Number of Facebook Like = Number of Facebook Share

Here is the post link which I posted on my wall : A Bonus After Google Panda Updates and following is the screenshot for total facebook share count at the time of taking this screenshot.

I was really amazed after seeing the count because how a post can get 40 facebook share before it got indexed in Google or visited by many readers. Then I though to get some idea behind it and then I realized the following.

How Facebook Share Count Works?

According to my personal experience, the total number of facebook Share Count = [ 1 + 2 + 3 ]

1. Total Number of Facebook share by each facebook users on their wall.
2. Total Number of likes received by other facebook users on each wall update.
3. Total Number of Comments made on each wall status.

At the time, when My facebook share count was 34 then I noted down the following details.

1. Total Number of Facebook shares was equal to 1 ( Me)
2. Total Number of likes received by other facebook users was equal to 5 ( 4 on my status update + 1 by Harry Sehgal).
3. Total Number of Comments made on each wall status was equal to 27.

Means once after combined, I got total = 1+5+27 = 33.

Check out the following screenshot:

It means the total number of facebook shares of any link will be approximately equal to the total number of interaction made by facebook users on all wall status including share, like and comments for that particular URL.

If you want to give it a try then after publishing a post just share that post on your wall. Ask your 5-10 facebook friends to just like or write a comment on your wall status. Once it is done, Wait for 5 mins and check your facebook share count and I am sure it will be approaching towards the total number of interactions made. Just try and let me know.

Please share your views on this issue. Thanks for your healthy discussion.


  1. A nice research! However, I must add on here that such social signals are definitely tracked by Google.. and it would have helped your site to be cached fast!

  2. Good attempt !! However, I am afraid to inform that calculations presented above is not correct – Sorry to say this Pankaj but I have to – probably there is something worng in your “Share count widget” or so. facebook number counts the number of comments as your share. However, you ‘may be’ correct when it comes to “Like”.

    • Thanks for your comment. But I am using Digg Digg Plugin and I think there will be no problem with their code. Also, If you will look at number of facebook like and facebook share, then they will be approx same.

  3. Nice pankaj, for your research with great approach I can say that yes you are write because first I noted our facebook shares for home page and then, since google pagerank updated so I update our status with my blog home page url for telling our new pagerank and some of my friends like it and I got around 10 comments and again I saw my home page facebook shares that has been increased around 15 times.

    Nice work!
    Keep it up Pankaj Bro!

  4. Yeah, U r right, I agree with your research :) Nice Effort buddy :)

  5. Completely agree with you, tested it and it came out to be right.

  6. Nice Article Bro. It’s the first time that somebody have included me in a article. lol :)

  7. some times i also got a lot of share counts but i didn’t noticed and then by seeing your article i understand it very easily. :)

  8. It seems that it also counts the comment likes. I have a link with 3 shares, one like each. One of them has 2 comments. So the share count should be 8. But I got 11, because I have 3 likes on the 2 comments.

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