Finding Profitable Niche with Micro Niche Finder Keyword Research Tool

If you have recently bought Micro Niche Finder or planning to buy Micro Niche finder then this tutorial will be a bonus to get started with this tool. I will try to cover almost everything related to finding a niche keyword with Micro Niche Finder in this tutorial.

Why I am referring Micro Niche finder is because of its simplicity. As a IM Newbie, you need to learn many things in optimum time so that you can utilize your time, money & efforts. M.N.F. is so handy to use & understand, even a child with computer knowledge can do that. It will save your hundreds of hours while doing manual research. Just enter a keyword related to specific field and it will automatically gives you the best niche. Read the tutorial fully and I am sure, you will get to know the easiness of this tool.

First of all open Micro Niche Finder tool in your computer. The first setting you need to do is, associate your adwords login credential to this software so that it can use it to give you more keywords by logging to your adwords account & you don’t have to enter captcha every time. Don’t worry. Your details will not be saved anywhere and if you don’t have adwords account then you can create a new, its free. If you don’t want to give adwords details, then you have to enter captcha every time. Click on Options button ( as shown in left top) and then again click on options button as shown in the following screenshot.

It will open a new windows then select last tab called adwords login settings. Enter your email address, password & amount of keywords you want to retrieve (maximum 800 keywords you can retrieve in Micro Niche Finder) then click on close button.

Tip before Starting Keyword Research: Always targeted keywords related to buy something. Not getting ideas? Check your room where you are sitting ! Please Do it now! I hope you got the keyword :)

Now lets Start the Step by Step Process of Finding A Niche. I am taking a keyword GRILLS as a example. This is just an example to show you how you can get a profitable niche using Micro Niche Finder.  Now enter your keyword in the top left text box and press search button. Wait a minute ! There are few settings which you need to do. First, select the language & country you want to target for your niche website and then check the option called “only show ideas containing my search terms“. This option is not mandatory but if you will check this box then it will show you keywords containing term GRILLS and that will be easy for us to extract the right keywords. Check the arrows in the following screenshot to understand the above settings.

After you have clicked on search button, it will start searching about the keyword GRILLS in a new windows as shown below. I took the screenshot when it was logging in my adwords accounts.

You will get the following results (shown in the following screenshot) after the search was done by MNF tool. It is showing Phrase, Domain Availability, Local search count, Global search count, Exact phrase count, Ad cost, MOB & SOC in separate column. This is what I was telling about the simplicity of Micro Niche finder. It shows every details at one place and that’s why we don’t have to think about anything else. Now we have to short these keywords list based on filter(restriction in common term).

A Great Tip: Always try to target a keywords which is at least getting 1000 global searches each month with Exact phrase match and maximum 75,000. I am taking 75,000 because it will become easy to get top ranking with GMS below 40k. You can easily extract it with the help of Micro Niche Finder Tool.

In short, 1,000 < G.M.S >75,000 is the best range for a profitable niche.

Now once we have got the keyword listing in Micro Niche Finder then we have to filter bad keywords. To filter keywords, we have to click on Filter results button on the top and then select global searches greater than 999 under check results tab. If you don’t find any filter option, you can create it. Just go to create a new filter button & follow the steps or check your Micro Niche finder membership area and watch those video tutorials.

Once we have filtered out keywords, now we have to check for exact domain name match. Because if you have got exact domain name  .com, .net or .org with targeted keyword then it will become easy to rank on first page of google.

Tip: Don’t buy any domain extension other than .com, .net or .org. This three domain extensions are best.

To get domain name availability, check all keywords and click on Domain availability button on top and wait for few minutes. Once domain availability is checked then we will get green & red icon. Green means domain is available while red means it is already registered. Now again we have to sort these keywords which have domain name available.

Now once we have shorted out keywords with domain name available filter then it will look like the following screenshot.

Now again check all keywords and click on strength of competition bottom of top to get the detail about strength competition for each keywords. We should target green SOC keywords. Red icon means its very difficult to rank for that keyword. Yellow means we have to do some hard work and then we can get good ranking but green icon means we can get top ranking within few weeks and it is easy to target. Once MNF have done SOC checking for each keywords then we have to filter out red and yellow keywords. Now again we have to apply filter technique. Once we have applied, finally we will get lists of keywords with green icon. In this case, we got only one keyword called grills for teeth.

Now this is the good niche to target because it is having less competition and also exact domain name is available.

Now we just have to setup a website with full on page SEO and then we have to concentrate on off page optimization and contents and it will start ranking in google once it is indexed.

Note: This was just an example of a niche that you can target and I shared the process of finding a profitable niche using Micro Niche Finder. There are countless of other keywords. You just have to repeat the process and find good keywords for you. Once you have got, setup the website and starting filling it with contents and do all SEO Stuff. You will start seeing the results within a week.

I will suggest you to buy Micro Niche Finder Tool. You can get your investment back within few months once you have started a niche website and then all will be your profit.
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Once you have created one niche website that start giving you earning then you can repeat the same process to create multiple niche websites to multiple your earning.

I Hope this tutorial was useful for you. Please share this post facebook or twitter, if you can & If you want to add something or clarify something, please write it below.

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