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Following is the Micro Niche Finder Bonus materials which I got after buying Micro Niche Finder tool. You will get links to download these materials in your special member area. You will get an email with link to access your member area page to download Micro Niche software with these extra bonuses. I have already written a post about 5+ Reason Why you should Buy Micro Niche Finder Tool. Don’t Miss this resource.

Domain Secrets Revealed Videos
I received a link to download a zip file named Domain Secrets Revealed and after downloading this file, I got 9 videos talking about domain name secrets and related stuff. I also got the link to download Micro Niche domain name finder software for free. :-)
Newbie Workbook
I also got a link to download Newbie Workbook ebook which talks about how to get results in Internet Marketing in just 30 days if you are following the step by step guide given in this ebook. It’s a 40 page long ebook and I will suggest you to read it after buying Micro Niche Finder.
Adsense Page Builder
Adsense Page Builder is a server based script page and It is useful to automatically generate an adsense page based on your content. You just have to enter your details on the given areas and it will automatically create an adsense page for you. It is good for those who don’t know HTML.
Fast PLR Profits
I also got a link to download Fast PLR Profits ebook where I learned How I can make
Quick Cash with Private Label Rights Content. It’s new for me but useful because I also want to learn much about PLR.

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  1. Yes, it is really good and 100$ may be a huge amount at a time but think if you have got a good niche then you can start earning $100 a month without any problem. $100 a month is very less, you can earn even more. Since you get 60 days money back guarantee therefore I think everyone should try this because they can easily earn their investment back in these 60 days period.

    Regarding speed, keyword research tool will take few minutes before showing you results because they will login to your adwords account automatically & that’s why they took some time for processing but it is very very less compared to the time taken when we do these things manually.

  2. Thanks @Pankajdeoria:disqus for this awesome recommendation.

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