5+ Reasons Why I bought 100$ Micro Niche Finder Keyword Research Tool

Why you should buy Micro Niche Finder Tool if there is already many free keyword research tools? Just read the following reason why I bought this Micro Niche Finder tool and I am sure, you will change your mind. Also you will learn why MNF is best keyword research tool compared to Free Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool or any other free tools available in the market.

Reason 1. Do not completely rely on Free keyword research tool because it can not offer you more details about any niche keyword. Just think practically, if these free information are really important then why it is difficult to get on the top of Internet Marketing or making money with IM ? Because, these free information are just available to share basic idea about any keyword and that’s why I bought Micro Niche Finder to get more details about each keyword I am searching.

Reason 2. If you are starting a niche by just seeing Global and Local monthly searches with broad, exact or phrase searches in Adwords Tools then you’re doing huge mistake and wasting your time, money and hard work because not every keywords can make you earn money online, only Buyers keyword can give you money from potential buyers online and that’s why I bought Micro Niche Finder which helps me to find buyer keywords which is not yet touched by anyone.

Reason 3. Also, not all buyer keywords are good to target because there are peoples who are working in this field from last 10+ years and they are much experienced than us, so you have to find those keywords which are yet out of reach from top marketers and that’s why I bought Micro Niche Finder to discover new untapped niche.

Reason 4. Most Important, How you will find strength of any keyword you are going to target with free tools? How you will find How many backlinks you need or you don’t need it at all to get at no.1 position in Google, Yahoo & Bing ? and that’s why I bought Micro Niche Finder to find new buyer keywords which are not yet targeted by any other marketers and which is easy to rank in Google, Yahoo & Bing with just 1-5 pages websites easily. No need to touch it again, if you don’t want. :-)

Reason 5. I bought Micro Niche Finder because it easily tells me which keywords are having less competition but it’s impossible to rank for those keywords because of keyword popularity so that I don’t waste my efforts on targeting those keywords. Keep in mind, If you are using any free keyword tool and got a keyword which is having less competition and good global or local monthly search then it is not necessary that you will rank for those keywords. So, you just have to find those keywords which is easy to rank without any effort, unlike others are doing building lots of backlinks which is not required at all if you are doing your keyword research with Micro Niche Finder.

Reason 6. This tool is very very easy to operate with just few clicks on your mouse. No need to do any complex settings at all. Just enter a keyword and click.. click.. and click to get your untapped niche.

If you have any confusion that is keeping you away from this premium keyword research tool then please ask it below because it is very important to learn why this premium tool is premium and why you should go with it.

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  1. Sahil BJ says:

    i am getting some mails, regarding this things, mentioned by you. And yes free keywords tools can’t tell you the best from the keyword pool. One can also follow tools like Sem Rush Tool. It’s a paid one and it really works.

    • SEM Rush is good but not every one can give 70$ per month as pro member. Micro Niche finder is just one time membership for lifetime & recommended for Internet Marketing newbie and it is currently doing good for me. I have found two niche related to products and I am going to target it from next month :) Thanks for your comment Sahil. :)

  2. Wow, very good & interesting blog thanks for sharing.

  3. I m now motivated highly with your this thought plan to buy this 

  4. I think I will have to buy this software, though I have got Market Samurai, do you think this rocks more than Market Samurai? Thanks for sharing…

    • For beginners, Micro Niche Finder is the best keyword research tool because you don’t have to think about their technical terms. M.S. have many term which will confuse you as a beginner. I have already tried their trail version but I was confused with which one to choose and which one not to choose. I will recommend MNF.

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