How to Make Money with NeoBux – Your First Dollar Online

This post is not about making a huge money online but instead, one can learn how easy to make his/her first $$ online. Yes, If you have just entered into the world of internet to make some money in your part-time then Neobux is a best place to start giving 15 minutes of yours every day to keep earning from this website. Neobux is a pay-per-click website which is the best place for every beginners. You will get few paid ads on your neobux account which you have to visit every day to earn money. Each ads will take few seconds only and totally it will take 10-15 minutes daily. Also, you can refer your friends and can get few percentage of their earnings for each click they made.

Even, I started with neobux when I started using internet to make some money online. Although, I have not used Neobux after those initial few weeks, because I got the other ways to make more money. But for you to know about it, I will suggest you to subscribe my posts and keep reading my future posts. I will share each and every secrets to make money online but in a step by step format.

Making money online is not an easy task but if you will follow the steps, you can start making money fast compared to others. So, If you are totally new in this field then I will suggest you to create an account on Neobux. Click here to create your account. Once your account is created, login into your neobux account and click on view advertisements link on middle top. It will open a new page where you will get few ads to visit and once you have visited the ads, refresh your page to see the earning.

Note: You can only see one advertisement at a time. I will suggest you to read their FAQ section to know more information.

You can also make more money by referring. Refer peoples and once they will visit any ads from their account, you will also get some part of their earning. The more you will refer, the more you can earn. You can get banners based on your referral link by clicking on Banners option from left sidebar menu. Get your referral link and banners & start referring your friends.

There is also another way to make additional money from neobux and that is, by renting referrals. You can also rent referral but you have to pay money to rent referrals and you will start making money once your rented referrals will start visiting their ads. Here also, the more rented referrals the more money you can make.

Again, I am telling neobux is just for beginners and don’t give more than 15 minutes because you will get only fixed number of advertisements every day and once you have finished viewing them, no need to work on Neobux. There are many other PTC websites where you can work but NEOBUX is most reliable and pays on time, every time.

You can also make more money by upgrading your Neobux account. Once you have upgraded your Neobux account then you will start getting more ads on your account and also you will earn more cents based on your referrals.


  1. How to receive payments from neobox. please give me a answer

    • Once you have crossed the minimum payout limit, you need to request for withdraw. Never logged in to neobux from last 1 an half years. Settings may have changed. You need a paypal account to receive the payment.

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