How to Deposit Shareasale Cheque in Punjab National Bank India

Shareasale is a leading affiliate marketing network based in Chicago. This week ( May 05, 2011) I received my first cheque from shareasale and I deposited the check in my Punjab National Bank account. So I am sharing you how you can deposit your cheque, if it is in USD, in PNB Bank and most probably there will be similar procedure for the other Indian Banks too. You can know more about Shareasale by visiting their website.

First of all, visit your PNB Bank branch where you have opened your account. There will a red form for depositing your cheque but that form is only for local cheques. You have to ask for the form for depositing the outstation cheque. It will be in white color and usually bigger than the red form.

Now, you have to fill the following details like..

Today’s date
Payee Account Number
Payee Name
Bank Check Number ( you can see on top for the check number received from ShareAsale )
Bank Name & Station Address
and fill the amount in USD.

Once you have filled your details, don’t forget to cross check your form to verify the details. Also, don’t forget to write your Name, Account Number and Mobile number on the back side of cheque & within the space provided. Once you have deposited the cheque, you will get a receipt from them. Keep that receipt in safe place until you have got your amount in account. Usually it will take minimum 31 days to clear this outstation check.


  1. Affiliate marketing tough i think. How you make money ??

    • To learn affiliate marketing, you have to invest in online affiliate marketing courses and have to try it. Also, not all online courses are good. If you are lucky, then you will find good course easily. So, you have to keep learning and implementing the methods. Also, you have to think differently because it may not be easy for you to make money by following same steps which others are doing.

  2. Thanks for sharing Pankaj – Really Nice info

  3. Hi there, can you tell me the name on the shareasale check?

  4. thanks for the info.its also work for state bank of india ?

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