Technorati Media Got New Home for Publishers – Revamped Completely

Technorati Media is going to switch to their new platform for publishers within next few months completely. Currently they are experimenting with new dashboard. You can still use both dashboard for a limited time but within few months, the new home will be finalized and the old one will be rolled out.

If you are already Technorati Media Publisher, then you might have received a mail from them with your username and password for new dashboard. You have to change your password after login into new dashboard. I got the mail from Technorati Media team and they gave me the new address ( ) to login into my Dashboard.

Following is the mail which I received from the Technorati Media Ads Team:

Hi Pankaj Gupta,
In our continuing effort to increase revenue for our publishers, we are announcing the first in a series of exciting new additions to the Technorati Media Platform. These changes will be seamless for our publishers and will focus on activating new high quality advertisers and demand side partners across our network, creating exciting new revenue opportunities.
In addition, we have upgraded our reporting platform, giving publishers the tools they need to manage their business. These changes will be rolled out over the next several months and, as always, we value publisher feedback on these releases.
Please follow the information below to access your new dashboard.
Access Technorati Media’s new reporting dashboard here (
username: XXXX
password (type in, do not copy and paste): XXXXX
Please note: you will be asked to change your password and to agree to our new Terms of Service as part of this dashboard upgrade. You may want to bookmark this location, as a login will be required in order to access your reports going forward. If you encounter any issues with the new sign in or have any questions, please contact us immediately for assistance.

We appreciate your business!
Best regards, The Technorati Media Team

Technorati Media – New Look of Publisher Dashboard

Technorati Media – Old Look of Publisher Dashboard

Additional Features in New Technorati Media’s Dashboard

1. They have added the payment information in new dashboard where you can select the payment method. You can receive the payment either via check or via paypal.
2. Added Contact Us and FAQ tab inside the dashboard. Earlier it was very difficult to contact their support team.

What I did not liked in the New Technorati Media Dashboard

The only feature which I don’t liked in the new dashboard is, Creating New Report Every time we want to see the revenue report between any specific date. You first have to generate the report and then have to download the report to see it. But, this also have one benefit & that is we don’t have to generate the same report every time. It will be saved in your dashboard and you can simply see it at any time in the future. But what if we have generated 100’s of reports? It will become very difficult to search.

Suggestion to Improve Technorati Media Ads Dashboard

The Only suggestion which I want to give is, allow publishers to create ad tag from their dashboard. Every time I need to add the code in my blog, I have to search my old mail to get the tag which is very time consuming, searching in thousands of mail.

If you face any issue within your dashboard, don’t forget to contact the team @ If you have any suggestions which you want to give to Technorati Media Ads team to improve their new dashboard, please post it below in the comment area.


  1. I have been using this network and i am impressed with this :) The only reason i panic is because it sometimes shows adsense ad !

  2. Anonymous says:

    i am still on old panel. i havent got any email from them. i tried to login new portal, but can’t login, saying invalid login.  

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