Avoid Using Technorati Media Ads with Google Adsense on Same Page

As we all know that Technorati Media ads is one of the best Google Adsense Alternative in case if you don’t have Google adsense account. But if you have Google Adsense account then I will not suggest you to use Technorati media ads with Google adsense on same page.

Recently I have found that Technorati Media Ads are showing Google adsense advertisements. Means If you have placed 2-3 Technorati Media ads on your website along with Adsense then your single page may show more than 5 Adsense ads which may be against Google adsense T&C.

According to Google adsense, you can place maximum of 3 ad unit on a page and there is no issue in using other adsense alternatives on your blogs along with adsense until & unless it looks like Google adsense ads.

Although, if you are placing more than 3 adsense unit on same page then Google will not show more that 3 ads at a time but if you are using Technorati Media tags then Google adsense can not control on their ads and hence depending on your TM Ad tags, you will have more than 3 adsense units on same page.

As shown in the above screenshot, I was using TM ads at the end of the sidebar but from few weeks it is also showing Google adsense ads. Now I am not using TM ads on my site till this issue get solved.

If you want to see the proof, then visit your fellow blogger’s webpage and see their Technorati Media ads. Refresh the page if you can not see adsense on first impression.

I have searched on this issue on internet, but not found any satisfactory answer on whether we can use Technorati media ads and Google adsense at same page in this situation. So, I would like to know your opinion on this issue. Will you use Google adsense & Technorati Media Ads on same page from Now ??

Update: According to Technorati Media, you can use Adsense ads with Technorati Media.


  1. I am facing exactly the same problem. I talked with Technoratimedia support team and they said that they are partnering with Google Adsense. I don’t know what this mean.

    I am going to confirm this in Google Adsense Forum. Will tell you about this as soon as i get replay from adsense

  2. I won’t use TM in the same page with Google Ads. Removing the TM tags is better than being banned by Google :)

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