Alexa Toolbar Creator – Engage Your Audience & Increase Your Traffic

Alexa have introduced a new toolbar Creator which can help you to engage your website audience and hence it will automatically increase your website traffic. Now, You can easily create a special toolbar for your website which is going to help your website grow more. To create your own alexa toolbar, visit Alexa toolbar Creator and click on Create Alexa Toolbar on right top bar.

Once you have clicked on Alexa Toolbar Install button, it will ask you to login or create account on alexa to start the toolbar creation process. Once you logged in, just following 4 simple steps to create your own alexa toolbar.

What All you can add in Alexa Toolbar?

1. Link Button : You can specify a special link button in your alexa toolbar where you can add an external link, which will open that link from your toolbar whenever your visitors click on that.
2. Site Search Field : Simply a search field which will search posts of your website either from search engine or based on your own website’s search engine.
3. RSS Button: You can specify RSS button on your alexa toolbar which will show latest post update.
4. Custom Drop Down Menu: You can also add custom Drop Down menu to your alexa toolbar.
5. Link to Facebook Page: You can add a link to your facebook fan page in alexa toolbar which will help you to get more fan on facebook.
6. Link to Twitter Profile Page: You can link to your twitter profile page via alexa toolbar.
7. Latest Tweets in Alexa Toolbar: You can also show your latest tweets in your alexa toolbar.
8. Personal Facebook Button: It will help your facebook readers to see their friend’s status and updates and can post on their wall using your website toolbar.
9. Personal Twitter Button: It will help your twitter readers to tweet or read the tweets directly from your toolbar.
10. Gmail Button: Your readers will get automatic notifications when they receive any new mail in their Gmail inbox and can reply easily.
11. Amazon Wishlist: Your Readers can add any items from any website in their amazon wishlist.

You can Install BlogDefined.Com Alexa Toolbar: Install Our Alexa Toolbar

I will suggest you to try this new alexa toolbar for your blog and let see whether it is giving any value to your website or not.


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  2. You are most welcome. Did you create alexa toolbar for your blog?

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