The 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins and Services

WordPress is basically a great place for all the plugin needs and when it comes to features, WordPress is the place to be as it has widest range of plugins. There are many backup options in the form of plugins, yes to make your work simpler, we will be checking out the top 5 backup plugins and services so that you don’t have to check up with all the plugins. The backup options which we will be discussing will be very safe and will be easy to install for all WP blog administrators so that you can easily and safely back up the site’s database.

WP DB Manager : WordPress Database Manager Plugin

This plugin is one of the popular plugins of the lot which allows the backup to date and also with this you can schedule a backup of all your blogs via an email or an server backup or also additionally you can manually download the same. This plugin also allows you to repair, delete, optimize and also gives you the choice to select the database table items for backing up the items easily. The biggest advantage of this is that this is one is very simple and easy to use. Though some of the advantages, this one has also got negative that it only backs up the database and not whole blog, so be careful before using this service.

Online Backup for WordPress

Just like its name it does the perfect job of this and this provides complete backup facilities with the backup technology which can back up a maximum of 50 MB of the databases on the secure servers, this one too doesn’t back up the whole wordpress blog but just the WP databases. This one has same features that of WP DB manager but with a bit complex user interface and options.

Automatic WordPress backup

Automatic wordpress backup is a comprehensive backup solution which not only backs up the themes, databases but also lot of other things are backed up like plugins, photos and other uploaded files effortlessly. As this plugin uses the Amazon’s S3 backup account, it’s one of the safest and the best options for the backup. The plugin is currently only compatible with Linux based servers and it exclusively requires PHP5. One major advantage of this complete WordPress backup solution is that it’s totally free and the Amazon S3 storage costs ($0.150 per GB) are minimal compared to other solutions cited here (i.e. Vault Press, Backup Buddy).

Backupify : WordPress Backup Plugin

Just like its simple name, this plugin too offers simplest possible interface to take the backup as it backups numerous online services like Flickr, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Just like the first two, this one too just backups the WP database and not the whole WP blog with themes and plugins etc. Though the free version does all of the above, but the pro and the paid version takes the backup of all things in a cloud storage so that it is safe and is prevented from getting lost. With best of the lot support system, this one too is one of the best backup services. All, you will have to do is to just visit its site and need to sign up for your choice of plan.

Vault press WordPress Plugin

This one too is one of the best service for taking the backup as it offers its own backup service for all self-hosted wordpress sites. Also, this one comes with an advanced set of security as it identifies a potential security threat or any suspicious activity. Further development of this WordPress backup service also includes automatic security updates. The service itself is projected to cost approximately $15 to $20 per month. With many plans and pricing options you can choose your way to back up the wordpress blog.

This post is written by Chetan Bhawani

Chetan Bhawani is a tech blogger and writes at Today On Tech and The WWW Blog, which are a part of Geeks Interactive.


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