How to Increase Website Traffic Using SEO Tricks

So you’ve finally launched that website full of well-written, timely content with just the right amount of related graphics. Your site is both informative and attractive. Now where is all the traffic?

A website with no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques is like a fine restaurant in a remote location without road signs. No matter how great it is, if people cannot easily find you, you won’t get much traffic.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an SEO guru to implement simple strategies that will get you noticed by search engines and drive traffic to your website.

Here are a few basic SEO tricks you might want to try:

  • Make your title tag your most important keyword phrase and include an intriguing description that will make someone want to visit your site. Remember, your title tag is not the title of your page, but it is what a visitor sees at the top of their browser when they visit your site. One suggestion is to make your title tag a question that suggests you can help them solve a problem. For example: Looking for simple SEO strategies to increase web traffic?
  • Include important keyword phrases in your keyword META tag and any synonyms or variations of that phrase.
  • Write a keyword rich description of your site for the META description tag. Some crawlers include this information in the search results. If you are new then read this SEO Tutorial: What is Search Engine Optimization
  • Rewrite dirty URLs to make them more SEO friendly. If you have a page with a long, confusing URL, search engines will not like it and neither will visitors. Keep your URLs simple, and if you must, consider using a URL rewriting tool to help you clean it up and make it shorter.


  • If you don’t already have a sitemap, create one. A sitemap is an SEO trick that some smaller sites miss. It’s not just about convenience in getting around your site, it’s about the web crawlers being able to easily index your site and finding links to all the important pages and information. Make sure you have a link to your sitemap from each of your other pages.


  • Use important keyword phrases in header tags.  As these are the first crawled areas, and the search results too display these most of the times when the other meta tags are not well placed.
  • Don’t waste an ALT tag. Any images on your site should have a keyword rich ALT tag that describes exactly what is in the graphic or picture. Read Here about: Search Engine Optimization for Images

There are many SEO tricks to increase your website traffic, but small changes like these can make a big difference.

This post is written by Chetan Bhawani

Chetan Bhawani is a tech blogger and writes at Today On Tech and The WWW Blog, which are a part of Geeks Interactive.


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