How a Bad Web Hosting Affects Your Website SEO

Can bad web hosting affect your site SEO? The simple answer is yes but there are some things that one can do to minimize the effect or eliminate it completely. First of all, how do you know if your hosting has affected your site rankings with the search engines? If your website consistently shows up on the front page of a search for your type websites and now you are nowhere to be found, then you may have a hosting problem. Search engine optimization, better known as SEO is not always an easy thing to do. When you have spent thousands of dollars on SEO for your site, you expect you site to consistently show up in the rankings.

If you web host company server keep going offline, it is a good chance that your SEO is being affected because the search engine robots who visit your site can’t find it. This can cause your site to be de-listed. Even if you web host company has a great policy of backing up all the hosted sites daily, this could be an issue.

Backup schedules sometimes are rigidly fixed so the backup occur every day at the same time. That is a great practice but what happens if during the backup time is the time normally the search engines visit your site to scan it? This can cause you some issues and may even lead to being de-listed. If this cannot be resolved you may have to consider moving to another hosting company or move to dedicated hosting where you can control the backup schedule.

Another area of that can negatively affect your site SEO is the IP address. In share hosting, everyone shares the same IP address. Most of the time, this doesn’t present any issues until someone uses their site as a SPAM site or a malicious site. If the web hosting is monitoring the activities on their servers, the search engines may ban you as a Spammer or worse. This affects everyone on the server who shares the same IP address whether you are guilty or not. This will cause you to get delisted and your traffic will fall away. This has a negative impact on your SEO. You may have to spend the extra money and get a dedicated IP address that is use only by your site. However, make sure the IP address the hosting company provides doesn’t have a negative history such as spamming or spreading virus, etc.

This post is written by Chetan Bhawani

Chetan Bhawani is a tech blogger and writes at Today On Tech and The WWW Blog, which are a part of Geeks Interactive.


  1. you missed the topic you have written as your title. Later on you start focusing on SEO not on how to minimize the effect of bad Hosting. Most of the time we use shared hosting.We do’t have such a big amount to use our own servers.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know that about share hosting! I thought every website had its own IP address because it is a unique site. I’ll definitely keep that in mind when it’s time for me to find a web host! I wouldn’t want to be counted as a spammer.


  3. I agree. Hosting plays a very important role in SEO as it is one of your backbones and once it is broken it is really hard to compete down the way.

    Btw, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog ( and so I returned the favor here…

  4. Hi Pankaj and Chetan,
    Website Hosting can play a vital role for the listing of your website by search engines.
    I was never clear about dedicated and shared hosting before reading your article. In future, I will try to spend some more money to get dedicated IP address for my websites.

  5. Everybody can’t take private VPS servers many of us go for shared hosting..actually for saving you from bad effects you should check once your IP address that what type of sites are hosted on that shared hosting..

  6. it matters a lot to choose a good web hosting for your website.

  7. I was not believing in any type of SEO hosting or something like that, but after reading this post I will have to thinks once more over it.

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