How to Book Railway Train Tickets Online Through IRCTC India

If you want to book railway tickets online then IRCTC is the official and best site to plan your railway tickets. Last year in August, IRCTC changed their website completely to a new look. After that change, it becomes very easy to book railway tickets online using IRCTC but most of the people have found difficulty in booking their train tickets.

I have already posted about How to Book your Railways Tickets online Using IRCTC in textual format. But after new changes in IRCTC, I thought to write a post again with complete step by step procedure of booking railway tickets online.

You can check that post here: How to Book Railways Tickets Online. Recently I booked a railway ticket from Bangalore to Gorakhpur City using IRCTC website then I capture all the screenshots using Print Screen Button in Keyboard to share in detail with you, the steps of booking online railway tickets.

First Step: Open IRCTC website and see the Plan My Travel box in left side. Now, Write Station code in From and To box and select the date and type of ticket. Select eticket option from dropdown list. If you have any Quota then select it from dropdown menu otherwise keep it as General and finally click on Find Trains Button as shown in the following button.

Step 2: After you have clicked on Find Trains button in step 1, it will search for the total trains from your mentioned station codes and then it will display in right side box. In the following screenshot, it is only showing one train detail because there is only one direct train from Bangalore City to Gorakhpur City Junction. You will get more if there are more trains for your source and destination. Now, you can see different radiobox. Above that you will find the type of tickets. Suppose you want to book a ticket in Sleeper then select the radio button below the SL option as shown in the following screenshot.

Step 3 Once you have selected any radio button in above screenshot, it will open a new page with the complete information of that train as shown in the following screenshot. It will show you total fair, seat availability for next 7 days. You can find Book Link in front of all availability dates as shown in the following image. You can click on book link on any date when you want to travel. Click carefully because if you have clicked on wrong date link then you have to do all the steps above from start.

Step 4 Once you have clicked on Book Link then it will automatically open a new page like Reservation Form. Fill all the details there. You have to fill the following details.
1. Name of Passenger
2. Age and sex of Passenger
3. Birth Preference (if any)
4. Check the Senior Citizen checkbox if you (or any one from passenger list) are senior citizen.

You can also check the Consider for Auto Upgradation. This may become useful if you got waiting list 1. Enter your mobile number. They will send Ticket Booking Details on your mobile number and finally click on Go Button.

Step 5 After Clicking on Go Button it will take you to next page where you have to verify your credentials or details entered before. If all are OK then Click on Make Payment button otherwise click on Replan Button and do the Plan of your travel again.

Step 6 Once you have clicked on Make Payment Button then it will take you to next page where you can select the mode of payment. Following Mode of Payments are available for IRCTC.

Credit Cards
Net Banking
Debit Cards
Cash Cards
EMI Option

Since I have Netbanking Account so I selected Net Banking Tab and then checked radio button in front of Punjab National Bank as shown in the following screenshot. If you have net banking account in other bank then check the radio button in front of your bank name and it will take you to next page of payment.

Step 7 Since I have selected PNB option so it will take me to this page where I have to select an option from three. Since I have Retail NetBanking Account then I selected Retail Netbanking option.

Step 8 After I selected this It took me to my account where I deposited the payment and then I saw the following screenshot. Never Refresh your webpage if you are doing online deposit or transfer of money.

Step 9 After the payment, PNB Returned me to this page with Hot Payment Number details. Save this payment number for later use and click on the link below the number.

Note: If you are not a PNB user, then you will also get similar stage where you have to enter your netbanking or debit card details and then finally have to click on a link to complete the process and return back to IRCTC website where you can download your eticket.

Step 10 Once you completed the payment process and returned back to IRCTC website then you will see the following page. From this page you can download the tickets. Click on print ticket button. It will open a new page. If you have printer attached with your computer then you can directly print your ticket. If you don’t have printer then finally save that page in your computer and take printout from any shop outside.

You can also download your ticket after some time or few days. Just login to your IRCTC account and go to Booking history and then you can download the ticket from that section.

This was all about booking your Railway tickets online. If you still have any doubts then do not hesitate to ask. Ask your doubt before doing any thing wrong while online booking.


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    I often use IRCTC website for registering my train tickets. It an user-friendly website :)

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