Students Make Part Time Money Online Using Educational Website

Do you think it is easy to make money online for Indian Students or Peoples searching for Online Part Time work and without any Investment? If not,then you are wrong. Now you can make more than enough money online if you are from India. No selling. No Initial fees or such things. It’s all free. The Only Criteria to make money online with this website is you have to spend few hours daily on this website by sharing your knowledge.

Indiastudychannel is the best educational website in India which gives a chance to make money by submitting information’s related to education or sharing your knowledge in that website by participating in different sections like forums, writing articles and much more. There are two ways by which you can make huge money if you are working seriously.

First one is, they will give you cash credit on good contribution made by you on almost every section and

second way is that you can also make money by Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Program. If you are new to Google Adsense Program then let me describe in brief- Google Adsense is a platform for all website owners to make money by showing advertisement on their websites. Since you don’t have website, you can still make money by Google Adsense. First of all, you have to contribute well in Indiastudychannel and after a certain period of time you can apply for Google Adsense Program and then you will start making money from your contribution. If you want to know more about Adsense then click here to read about Make Money Online by Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Program.

Once you have associated your Google Adsense Account with this educational website then it will start showing Google Adsense automatically to all your contents posted till date. So, If you have written good contents then you will receive lots of visitors from search engines and hence if they will click you will start making money from Adsense account too. It means 2 in 1 offers.

One more bonus is for those who are already having Google Adsense Account. You can associate your Adsense account from day 1 and you can start making money from the first day itself.

Ways to Make Money Online Using This Program

Following are the ways that will directly give you cash earning apart from Google Adsense Earning. Google Earning will be Paid by Google every month once your minimum account balance reaches $100.

  1. You can Earn By Posting Admission News Related to Colleges.
  2. If you are good in writing articles then you can write articles and make additional money. You can earn Rs1-Rs150 per articles based on your Article Quality. I have seen members earning Rs. 120 per Articles.
  3. Earn by Participating in Monthly Contest: Every month they used to run different kind of Contests. So you can participate and win to make more money.
  4. If you are an expert in any area then go to ask expert section and start giving your expert answers to the questions asked by users. You will get cash credit for every good response.
  5. You can also submit course details in respective section to make money.
  6. Earn from Kontera Revenue Sharing Program.
  7. Post Question Papers and make money.
  8. Make Rs1-Rs500 Per friend referred by you depending on your referred friend’s membership level.

There are many more option to make more money online with ISC. Just Register on ISC and start asking your doubts,if any, in forum section before you start working seriously. Read members response and then start your work more positively.

Note: Please read all rules and regulations because this website is strictly moderated and if you will do repeated wrong work then you can loose your account.

Indiastudychannel is a scam or fraud website

Every member will have this doubt in his/her mind when he/she knows about any Indian money making website. But let me tell you one thing more clearly that this website is not money generator. But you can earn enough money to keep your daily expense keep going with asking money from your parents. :) If still you want to see the payment proof or members ideas then just create a new thread in forum section and ask Is this website Genuine? and wait for few minutes and read the members response to know in detail.

IndiaStudyChannel Payment Proof

You have to earn minimum of Rs. 750 before you get your first payment. Don’t worry. If you are an active contributor after joining this website then you can also contact to the editor or webmaster of this website and they may send your payments once you have just earned Rs 500. You can open home page of this website and see the top 10 earner of this website and just think how much they will be earning from Google Adsense Program.

Register and Create Your Account on ISC

Why I am Recommending this Website to You

There is only one reason. You will recommend any thing only if you have got benefit from that. Since I earned a lot of money in initial days so I am recommending this website to all. I will never refer any website where I don’t have any experience or payment proof. I already earned more than Rs 5000 from this website and much more from Google Adsense Revenue sharing when I started working in 2008. Since I started my own website with those earnings from this website so I am not able to give much time on this website from last one year but still I love to answer users question in Forum and Ask expert section. You can see my profile after registering on ISC. Click Here to See My Profile

And one more thing, This was the first website where I started working and earned money by which I started my first website. I am a member of this website from 01-Nov-2008. If you have any doubt then you can ask every doubt here and I will solve your every doubt because I am already Diamond Member of ISC.(Second most reputed membership level in ISC).

Click Here to Register & Create Account on ISC

Don’t Leave this website from now. Because there is no website in India which pays more than this website in less time. You will find many sites which says you will earn such amount but they will never pay you when you will contact them for payment. Since you are already searching for such websites so you might be well known with such kind of fraud.


  1. sureshpeters says:

    wow cool share bro :) surely will do it :) happy new year

  2. Rohit Batra says:

    thanks for sharing it Pankaj..I am gonna check it out soon..

  3. Pravin Sethi says:

    This is really cool dude. You really have some wonderful posts out there. Keep it going.

  4. Wow, I’m really amazed with that very young age they learned so much from this “money online”…. Keep it up! Improve more.. Check me out!

  5. I have not PC. Can i use “INDIA STUDY CHANNEL” in internet cafe.

  6. Sir, i unable to understand what i have to do in ISC. Since i am new member. Please give tips.

    • PankajGupta says:

      Just Go to their forum section and post a welcome message and ask for help. Many Members will give you help and tell you what you have to do in ISC.

      • Kapildev Krishnappa says:

        Greetings, Mr. Gupta. I have been following ur blog for sometime. I have a humble request.

        I have around 20+ systems with internet, power backup and employees. Now, the fact is business is not running smoothly to maintain everything, I would like to use the resources and help my employees to stick back to the company, atleast they can earn their salary sitting in the office, kindly help. I would like them to earn money without any upfront payment which in the present situation i cant do.

        Where can we earn money and not go bankrupt.

        Kindly give me a solution so that the company keeps running and the employees get their paycheck. You have helped so many, please help us to.

        Thanks and regards,
        Kapil Dev K

      • Pankaj Gupta says:

        May I know the areas on which your company is working so that I can suggest something related to that? & Are you from Bangalore?

  7. Realdealercl says:

    I am from Bangladesh can I work and earn from this site ISC??

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      You have to ask in the forum section of this site. If they support Paypal, then you can get approx earning in your paypal. I have received my earning via cheque and it is specially for Indians only. Try out for Paypal option, ask your doubt there.

  8. Rajavardhan Reddy says:

    i have dough that how to start Google absence in isc is this necessary and what to do for earn money in isc. please reply email to

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      Please register and go to their forum section and ask your problem. You will get answer to all your queries there.

  9. Money077077 says:

    in internet so many websites are for earnmoney through online is it correct. please show a list of geniune websites for online earnings.
    thank you

  10. Money077077 says:

    in internet so many websites are for earnmoney through online is it correct. please show a list of geniune websites for online earnings.
    thank you

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      Most of the website don’t pay once you request for payment. At beginning I just worked at Indiastudychannel and earned good money. They have many network of websites where you can participate and earn.

      • durairaj says:

        Sir, I am durai raj from tamil nadu i have joined today ISC. but how to earn i dont know can you help my mail id.

      • Pankaj Gupta says:

        After login to their website, go to their forum section. Read their guidelines and participate in conversation. Ask each of your doubt and the members will help you to learn.. Don’t worry.

  11. supertoniefy says:

    Hey I am  a college student & suppose i earn money can i get it by cheque. I live in India,Mumbai

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      Yes, you will get by cheque. They will also deposit the money into your bank account online.

  12. Kaursandeep198784 says:

    hello can i start doing work n eran money as soon as possibl??

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      There is no easy way to make money. If you want to make money then it will take time and I have shared the easiest way in this post, to make money.

  13. Kaursandeep198784 says:

    yes ofcourse it takes time bt how can i start doin work??

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      You can register to ISC and then go to forum section and post your welcome message. Read their FAQ post and then you will understand it easily.

  14. Ranvijay Singh says:

    @Pankaj. Nice post about ISC, I am also a member of ISC  and other such web portals like Indyarocks. Last Night I came to know about, a website based on PTC Program and paying Rs 149 as sign up bonus. Here the best part to earn is referral earning. You can earn Rs 2 per referral. Apart from that you earn upto Rs 5 for advertisem@Pankajdeoria:disqusents.

    I came to know that the site is owned and managed by an Indian company” Sicobe”. So probably we may be sure about the payments.

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      No. I don’t know about this site. But just keep in mind, earning online money is not so easy as this website is telling. Seems like another spam website. Will check this.

  15. Sri Satnam says:

    Mr.Pankaj i don’t have a back account or any other account den how can i withdraw my payment

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      If there is any bank account on your family member’s name then you can receive the checks for that member and then cashout. Contact to the admin of this website and you will get other payment ideas.

  16. Shivashankar K 933 says:

    i have created my account here now what i shoud do

  17. Suryaprakash Malviya says:

    hi sir iam suryaprakash malviya and i want to earm money from your website so what i do?

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      First of all this is not my website. To earn from this website you have to join the website ( Click Here to Join ) and then read their FAQs to know how you can proceed. Also, you can post all your doubts in forum section of this website.

  18. Hi pankaj ji….

    can you please guide me to earn money online in detail, i am a little bit confused seeing the above links.

    please help me out

    thank you pankaj ji

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      Just register on that website and go to forum section. Post your query in forum section and they will help in complete detail.

  19. Aijaz Ahd593 says:

    i want to join this and how much i earn from this site i m a student of class 11

  20. Hi Pankaj i am a house wife i completed my graduation
    How can i use this isc? shall i surely make money on this website
    please kindly help me

  21. Hi pankaj I am a house wife shall i use this website to make money online
    please help me

  22. Hello i am sudheer i Have done seo/sem course how can i earn money

    • PankajGupta says:

      You can go to where you can get freelancing project. It may be very difficult in beginning to get projects. Also, you can start blogging and use your SEO Skills to get on top of Google and then use adsense on your site to make more money. Adsense is the best way to make good amount of money.


    hello pankaj sir i am vikas. iam a student i want to do job plz give me the path

  24. Hello Pankaj i wont the part time job online data entry, or other PC related Jobs any office can you help me kindly reply

  25. Dear Gupta,

    How are u ? i am an IT-Engg System Administrator . How can earn the money from my filed of this site ?

    Advance Thanks

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  27. virat nain says:

    please help me.

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    hi pankaj, i am not able to post links it is difficult for me to understand how to post links ,can you help me out?

  29. sravanthi says:

    hi.. can u help how to post links and how to making money tips from that site..??

    • PankajGupta says:

      If you have any doubt related to that website please go to their forum section and post your query. You will get full detail. Thank you.

  30. Parag Sengupta says:

    Thanx Mr. Gupta. ur post help me very much also my knowledge. thnx again.

  31. Hello Pankaj,
    I am not a student but a matured house wife. May I sign up this website?

  32. subhashree behera says:

    hi ,, plz speak the truth and all the way if i can make some money through ths … i am realll in need plzz plzz rply to my mail nd help if u can …

  33. Sir can i participate in this site (isc) via mobile also?

  34. Is still working and giving money to its users in June 2013

  35. Deepak gupta says:

    Hello pankaj sir , sir am join indiastudychannel ……how to work and how to make payment

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