Delete All Emails at Once from Your Yahoo Inbox & Spam Folder

If you have received lots of emails in your yahoomail inbox and also lots of spam mails in your yahoo spam folder and want to remove all emails from both place or you want to clean your yahoomail account completely then you can do it in few steps.

  1. First of all, login to your yahoomail account and check whether you are using old yahoomail account. If yes then you have to switch to new yahoomail account as shown in the following screenshot. If you are already using new yahoomail account then switch to next step.
  2. Now, Go to your inbox if you want to delete all inbox mail or go to spam folder if you want to delete all spam mails. Select the Checkbox just below the delete button as shown in the following image. If you want to keep few emails then you can uncheck those emails before deleting it.
  3. Once you have clicked on OK button to delete all your emails then it will start deleting your emails as shown in the following screenshot.

Finally your inbox or spam folder will become empty means you have deleted all your emails successfully.


  1. My yahoo mail gets spammed a lot about 200 mails everyday..this feature helps me a lot Daily..

  2. Very good tutorial.I like the way this has been crafted. Keep up the great work. promoted the post.. Thanks

  3. hi praveen,
    That was a nicely crafted tutorial for deleting the spams and the all the mails at a time, if you know how to delete the same in Gmail please let me know, will be waiting for your response.
    the information you shared was very helpful.

  4. ken winston caine says:

    Not working for me in the latest iteration of Yahoo Mail. Checking that box immediately under “Delete” only selects all the emails on the current page (which I have set to the max — 200). So it’s only deleting 200 at a time. Nott helpful when I have almost 6,000 to delete.

    What you recommend used to work for me.

    Not working in “neo” mail.

    Any suggestions?


    • ken winston caine says:

      Found my answer.

      In the current version of Yahoo Mail (December 2011), you may need to add a third step. Under the “actions”or “options” icon, select a choice to “Show Mails” in a “scrolling list.” (Not sure which icon it was that I found that under. And the icons no longer appear now that I have cleaned out my inbox.)

      Then you can choose “Select All” and hit “Delete” and — as I just did — wipe out some 8,000 emails at once.

      • PankajGupta says:

        Glad you found the answer. I think Yahoo have updated this setting. Since I don’t have that much emails so I can’t check this setting. I will update the post & will refer your comment in the above post asap. Thanks again for adding the update.

      • Thanks Ken! I was having issues too!

      • chiranjeeb says:

        Brilliant brother ! I wiped out some 14000 mails at once..thanks !!

  5. my yahoo account doe not show either an options or actions tab.
    also, how do I check to see which version of email I do have?

    Also, Ken above states that he selected so way to show from 50 to 200 emails per page, I am stuck on 50, if nothing else, how can I change the viewed number of emails per page from 50 to 200?

  6. ok, well, I would still like my questions answered:

    “how do I check to see which version of yahoo email I do have?

    how can I change the viewed number of emails per page from 50 to 200?”

    but I did manage to delete 15k emails. it took a while, but not as long as expected this is how I did it:

    I went to my to my in box, held the scroll down key for about 15 min, until I saw all emails, and then I hit delete. I did however have to wait another 15 mins. for my account to update.

    hope this helps someone. :)

  7. this is totally B M*&&%#&& in BS….. how do you delete ALL the span at once not 50 at a time…I cannot find an all span only 50 … get this sh&^*^*t out of here…why does yahoo think I think it’s spam in the first place….? I don’t want it….eat up my allowed space to charge me for upgrages /

  8. Thanks Nelson. This did help with current version of yahoo. I just move the scroll bar in folder rather than push scroll key, and go down as far as I want, then checked the “delete all” box, and then pressed my keyboard’s delete button.

    I wish yahoo would have a “one click delete” of all emails in a folder. It would make it sooo much easier for us. I actually thought about getting a new email address and start over because it’s such a pain to delete thousands of emails.

  9. Unhelpful
    Yes you can delete all your emails in one fell swoop but should you decide you want to “untic” one or two for keeping, you can’t. Yahoo is too dumb to allow this so, should you want to keep an email and you have a pageful to delete, in order to keep the one, you have to delete the others individually. And these geniuses make a ton of money? For what? Like Microsoft, they are non thinkers.

  10. Harry B. Ward Sr. says:

    My wife & I have been on vacaction for a few weeks an I have looked thought my account, I would like to delete my in box with one simple button push. Is it possible, if it is’please explain the way to go about doing it,THANK YOU

  11. This post is so old that is is not even possible anymore. I have never seen 2516 e-mails dumped at one time as this post suggests.

  12. Why am I even here? Was the answer I needed concerning my YAHOO account that hard to find through YAHOO? That answer would be yes. There is something wrong with that.

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