How to Use Facebook in Hindi Language to Chat With Friends Online

If you are from India and want to use facebook in Hindi Language then you can change complete English Facebook to Hindi Facebook. Although it will not be converted into Hindi language completely but you will still find more words from Hindi Language and few standard words in English.

Here is how it will look once you have converted your facebook Account to Hindi Facebook Account.

Above is the screenshot of my wall page where you can see most of the words in Hindi Language.

Above is the screenshot of my facebook profile page in Hindi Language.

This is the notification box in Hindi Language.

How to Switch to Hindi Facebook Profile

If you are not comfortable in English much then it is better to switch to Hindi language. It will become easy for you to understand the working of facebook. Follow the steps below and Change Your Primary facebook language settings.

1. Login to your facebook account then click on Account tab. You will find this account tab on right top bar and after clicking there it will open a drop down menu.
2. Select Account setting option from drop down menu. It will take you to My Account Page. See the 5th Tab called Language. Click on the Language tab and it will take you the new page where you have to select Hindi Language from Drop down as shown in the following screenshot.

Once you have select Hindi Option from Drop Down, your profile will be converted to Hindi Language. If you want to revert back to English or any other language then just select that language from drop down menu.


  1. Hey great share, I am using facebook from a long time but i haven’t checked this amazing feature yet. I will try it today only. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. it is not a new invention. poor collection i think. try to do some new.

  3. your website is good
    with lot of good tips

  4. Nice share bro

  5. Anil Dayama says:

    But Tell me How to Chat In Hindi Fonts??…

  6. Rajeshrajpurohit says:

    my dear many ofmy friend cheat in hindi font I dont want to ask them how they do, will help me what is the the way to do like that?  

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