How To Enable Logging into Facebook Account Using Gmail Yahoo MySpace

Did you know that you could use your Gmail, Yahoo or MySpace account to login to Facebook ? This tutorial provides a way on how to enable logging into your Facebook account using your Gmail, Yahoo or MySpace credentials.

  • Step 1. Log in to your Facebook account with your usual Facebook username and password.
  • Step 2. Go to Account -> Account Settings. In your account page, You will see a small section “Linked Accounts“, as shown in the following picture

  • Step3. Click on Linked Accounts tab, it will open a drop-down link of other 3rd-party accounts, whose credentials can be used to login to Facebook, as shown in following picture

  • Step 4. Select the account of your choice (say Google) and click on “Link New Account“. It should open a pop-up, asking for your facebook password as follows

  • Step 5. Enter your Facebook password(you will have to do this only once at the time of registering this new 3rd part account) and click Confirm button. It will result into a pop-up for a Gmail sign-in page as follows

For Yahoo, MySpace, it will result into similar pop-ups with a sign-in page.

  • Step 6. Enter your Gmail username and password and click on Sign In button. Once its done, you will notice the following change as part of Linked Accounts section

So now you are all set to use your Gmail account in order to sign-in to Facebook. Next time, all you have to do is to login to Gmail with your username and password, and type on your browser URL. You will be automatically taken to your Facebook home-page, without ever being asked about username and password. Now is not that cool ??

In fact, even if you log out of Facebook, your Facebook session will remain active, if you are still logged onto your Gmail account. All you have to do is to enter as URL and you will redirected to your Facebook page. But there is a minor glitch with this feature, which I find somewhat unacceptable. If you choose to log out of your Gmail and not out of Facebook, your Facebook session remains active, which in my humble opinion should have resulted into a closure of Facebook session as well.

At present, this feature supports six third-party websites
Google(gmail), Yahoo!(yahoomail), MySpace, MyOpenID, Verisign PIP, OpenID Providers.

So enjoy logging into your facebook account with Gmail, Yahoo or MySpace account !! But a word of caution, don’t forget to log-out of Facebook, if you are logging out of these services :-)

This post is written by Suman Kumar

I am a lazy techie in day time, a responsible father in evening and a passionate blogger and social-media enthusiast at night

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