OMEComm Meetup at IIMB Power Tips on Online Sales Marketing By Aashish Malve

On Sunday, December 19, 2010 from 11.00AM-3.00PM, I attended my first meetup organized by OMEComm (Online Marketing Enthusiast’s Community) Members at IIM Bangalore. It was totally free :). To more about OME Community Visit Here.

In today’s meetup we all discussed together on the topic How to Increase our Online Sales during festive season and then some of the power tips from our volunteers. Mr. Aashish Malve who is having 10 years experience in emarketing and search marketing including SEO and PPC gave us the huge details about What are the ways that will work to increase our sales and profits during festival season. He focused on so many basic factors that peoples mainly ignores while doing PPC and SEO Campaign and also he shares his idea on how to track the latest trends that’s going on different part of the world, and implement it to give a new edge to our existing online presence.

According to Aashish Malve, if you are targeting any two different countries like say India and USA then he showed few slides and revealed the facts that if you are not concentrating on these basics then you are making a huge loss from it.

Let me tell in more detail. He gave a example of Discounts and Coupon Code related keywords. Mainly Peoples who are targeting their markets online, thinks that these two keywords are one and the same but when you are targeting these keywords in two different countries like India and USA then in USA the most searched or popular keywords are related to Coupons keywords while for India, it is totally vice-verse. Slides of Mr. Aashish also showed us details comparison of Keywords targeting with PPC cost involved in it. He also shows us that if you are targeting wrong keywords using PPC in peak time then you are loosing your money online because the PPC cost of keywords varies based on country and Geographic location and you must have to concentrate on it fully.

After the completion of this Online Marketing Tips session, they started SEO session and also Power tips from every members present there, regarding to SEO and Online Marketing. Some of them are..

Tip 1: We have to target keywords on regional area basis for a country. You can use Google trends and similar tools to find out what and where something is getting popular. It can optimize the use of the money you are putting in PPC Promotions. :-)

Tip 2: How to Update meta tags based on season if you are targeting on a product site or gift site? This one was really interesting.. :)

Tip 3: If you are thinking to target for any season then you have to start working before 3 months of that specific season to get better and maximum leads. For Example: If you are targeting for Valentine days then you have to start working on your site from November to get maximum benefits.

Tip 4: How easily we can optimize our 404 error pages easily without much of worry.

Tip 5: What is the real importance of rel=”canonical” tag and how it can help you to get better ranking in various search engines.

Tip 6: We learned about Paid Google Sitelinks methods to generate huge leads within average PPC cost. :)

Tip 7: How easily we can get a dynamic page ranked in Google using sitemap :)

And much more concepts we learned But I can not write all here. This was my first meetup and had awesome experience. Thank you everyone who was present today in this meetup event.

You can also see the video of this meetup by clicking on the following video.

Pics of OMEComm Meetup Event Held at IIM Bangalore on 19th December 2010


  1. you were there ?? I was also there, may be I couldn’t recognize you :-) In the group photo, I am standing next to shiv purohith wearing red t-shirt. Where are you ?? I guess standing left to Shankar.I suppose you were sitting in the front rows, while I being a back-bencher all my life didn’t buck the trend :-)

    • Yeah, you are right. I am in Green Shirt. :) Since this was my first event, so I never thought you will come here :) Was a great experience attending this meetup. What about you?

  2. Nice recap of the event dude :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your views & thoughts on OME event. The content is quite brief, in a way very simple and clear. Good to see attendees talking about our event the very next day in their blog or website, which proves we all are in the same pace and track.


  4. Hi Pankaj

    Hope you liked it and found it useful and good write up


  5. Really powerful tips. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Pankaj, Really impress with your post. Thanks for sharing.

    – Ravi

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