How to Find Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Using IMEI Number

You can find or Recover your lost or stolen mobile phone by using IMEI Number. If you don’t know about IMEI number then let me tell you about it. IMEI number is International Mobile Equipment Identification number that is a unique number for each mobile handset. It can not be same for two mobile phones.

You can find the IMEI number of your mobile phone by pressing *#06#. IMEI Number is very important. You must store or save it for future reference and also suggest to all your friends who are using mobile phones. IMEI number is used to track the activity of your mobile phone. So, It is very useful when you have missed or lost your mobile phone or some one has stolen it from your pocket while traveling.

How to Block Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone
If you have lost your mobile phone or if it is stolen by someone then you must go for FIR for your lost mobile. After getting FIR Copy contact to the customer care of your network provider and give the full information and then they may ask for FIR Copy because no one can disclose any information related to any mobile phone without a prior permission.

Once you have submitted all documents then your mobile network operator will block that IMEI number. Once it is blocked then it will be followed by all other mobile operator companies means it will be blocked in their database too. So, Your mobile handset will be blocked and become useless for that bad person.

How Can I Recover My Lost Mobile Handset
If you know any person working in any mobile operator company or talk to your friends if they know any other person then you can contact to that person and show your details. He can help you to track your mobile handset uses and then you can get your mobile phone from that person by using mobile phone tracker method.

If you know any other way to find the lost or stolen mobile phone then please share with us here. It will be a kind help for all those users who are loosing their mobile phones daily.


  1. Zaida Sabat says:

    Good to know! My friend lost her phone just recently maybe it was stolen. It was a very expensive phone and thank God because you can track where it is now. She becomes hopeful that it will be returned to her.

  2. hi sir,
    i lost my LG GU220 last week
    and its IMEI no is-359295031413969 so would you help me in finding the mobile.. pls inform me sir..
    Contact: +919947894854
    Please give me a reply
    thank you.