Top SEO Tips Search Engine Optimization Techniques That You Must Avoid

Organic traffic is a priceless element to every webmaster mainly because the traffic generated directly from search engines comes without any cost. But ranking your blog or website on the first page of any search engine is dependent on your on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Many SEO techniques have proven to work over time, but the SEO world is constantly changing as search engine algorithms become more and more sophisticated. Techniques that used to work in the past are now becoming obsolete, but unfortunately many of these techniques are still bandied about on forums and other online platforms. Following some of these strategies could negatively affect your site’s rankings. In this article I will outline 4 of these outdated strategies:

  • Keyword Stuffing

Google has openly voiced their goal of wanting to create a pleasant user experience, and they have also said that a keyword that is overly used in your content reduces the quality of your posts/articles. For instance, consider the following hypothetical introduction to an article that contains the keyword “Make Money Online”:

Are you looking for a way to make money online? Everyday thousands of people search the internet for ways to make money online, but unfortunately many of them will never make money online.

Can you see how the repetitive use of the keyword reduces the quality of the article? Keyword stuffing is certainly a “no-go” zone, and it can harm your rankings considerably. The approach that should be followed is to ensure your keyword is in your Title, H1 tag, and it should be contained at least 1-2 times within your content.

  • Links from Directories

In the past, submitting your site to multiple directories carried with it significant SEO benefits, but this type of link had been devalued in the eyes of Google. Although a link from a trusted directory like DMOZ still provides a benefit to your site, on the larger scale, gaining links from other directories does not carry much weight. Instead of losing valuable time submitting your site to directories, you should utilize that time productively by producing content that adds value to your readers. In this way you will gain natural backlinks effortlessly.

  • Link Exchanges

If you are not familiar with the term link exchange it is basically a scenario where you have two sites: site A and site B, and site A links to site B and in return site B links to site A.  That in essence is what a link exchange is. The problem with this technique is that it leaves a large footprint, where it is clearly evident to the search engine algorithm that the 2 sites have linked to each other. A natural unsolicited link is extremely valuable in terms of SEO. Link exchanges are unnatural links and the weightage that this type of link carries is minute.

But a new technique built on the same methodology has surfaced and it has proven to work. Instead of 2 sites linking to each other you can introduce a third site – site C. In this case, site A links to site B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A.

Everyday there are new Search Engine Optimization techniques being developed, but often these techniques do not provide any long-term benefit. As a webmaster or blogger you will be well advised to follow “white hat” techniques that are ethical as this approach will ensure you are on solid ground. The most valuable advice I can offer is for you to always consider your users/visitors. Provide an engaging user-experience through the quality of your content and you will reap long-term benefits from this approach.

This post is written by Alex Papa

Alex Papa is an investor and internet entrepreneur with a large portfolio of diverse online and offline businesses. Alex maintains Business Opportunities Expo, a site that allows users to connect and find new business ideas. In his blog he offers Norton 360 coupon codes.


  1. Good post Alexa, I was hoping that there is some benefit by submitting to directories, but I think i should agree with your opinion.

  2. Hi Sreejesh, I think the only benefit of submitting to directories is the direct traffic you can get. I don’t believe that directories offer you a high SEO value.

  3. Nice post alexa…
    Waiting for some more killer posts like this…

  4. Directory Submission still work, but you need to pick some quality directories. For example eatonweb, dzom and yahoo.

  5. Nice Post Alex..these SEO doesn’t work every time…as Directory submission will only work if you choose the right directories as Bilal said..

  6. i think blogging would be the key to build backlinks all the time because it looks so natural and relevant to the site.

  7. directory submission says:

    This is interesting information you share here. Everyday there are new Search Engine Optimization techniques getting developed, but generally these techniques do not accommodate any abiding benefit.

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