How to Add Profile Description in My Twitter Account

If you are using twitter then you might be knowing How useful Twitter account is. You can get almost everything like website visitors, customers for your products or good friends based on your interest. But for this all, you have to set an attractive description or you can say Profile Bio on your Twitter profile page.. If you have already done then its very good but if you have not done yet then follow the steps to add your description in twitter bio field.

1. Login to your twitter account using your username and password.

2. Click on settings link on right top bar. If you are using new twitter account then click on your username on right top bar and select settings from drop down list.

3. After Opening the setting page click on profile tab.

4. After opening your profile tab page go to the bottom of the page, you will find an option to feel your profile bio.

Tip: If you want to directly open profile setting page of your twitter account then click here.

5. You will also find an option to set your website URL just above bio option. Remember, you can also use hyperlinked website URL in Profile Bio area. Just start your website URL with http://www. and save it.

It means you can use more than one link from your profile page. So, use it positively.

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