How To Add Share It Social Networking Buttons To All Your Blog Posts

Imagine browsing through web and stumbling across a nice blog-entry which you like to share with others on your social networks either via Facebook or Twitter or Gmail Buzz. But you notice that the web-page doesn’t have any Share-It-To-Social-Networks Button to allow its readers to quickly broadcast it to any social-networks. So here is what you have to do in order to achieve that

1. Copy the Blog-URL.

2. Open any URL shortener website, like or

3. Paste the URL across and get a shortened URL.

4. Open or with your login name and password

5. Put relevant text in “What’s on your mind?” form-field on Facebook or “What’s happening?” on Twitter and share it to outside world.

Isn’t that a pain ?? Even though you liked the post, you end up cursing it and can’t help wishing, if there was a better way to do it and share it across your network, may be something like a Share It Button ??

Good news is, if you are blogging on Blogger/Blogspot, you can do it without installing any plugins !! Blogger provides a simple way to do that. Followings tutorial lists out the steps on how to go about doing that.

1. Login to using your credentials.

2. On the home page, go to Design, you will end up with a page similar to the following one.

3. Click on “Edit” link at the end of “Blog Posts” frame(as indicated by the arrow) and it will open a pop-up for you with page-heading “Configure Blog Posts” as follows

4. Look for a checkbox named “Show Share Buttons”(as indicated by the arrow). By default, its disabled. Tick the checkbox, save it and exit.

Now you are all set to have the “Share Buttons” as part of all your present as well as future blog-posts !! Choices provided by Blogger are
1. Email this blog-entry. You can send it to a list of up to 10 email addresses. You can also add an extra message with the email like “I found this blog interesting, thought you would like too”.

2. Blog this on By default title will be “Blog Header : Subject-Of-Post”. As part of the content, it will automatically insert few lines(excerpt) from original post and put a link as well to the page.

3. Share to Twitter. It may ask for your login credentials, if you are not logged in, else will post it rightaway. The content will be like “Blog Header : Subject-Of-Post <shortened-URL>”

4. Share to Facebook. It will post the content like “Blog Header : Subject-Of-Post <Complete-URL>”. It will also add a profile image, if its available.

5. Share to Google Buzz. The content of this will be same as the one you will see, if you decide to Blog this page.

Having this Share It Button will prompt users to instantly share your blog across various social-networks, helping you get more traffic for your blog and a boosted ranking as well. So next time you see a Blog post of yours being shared across on Twitter, don’t forget to thank Blogger Share-It Button :-)

This post is written by Suman Kumar

I am a lazy techie in day time, a responsible father in evening and a passionate blogger and social-media enthusiast at night


  1. Nice tutorial Suman…quite useful for a newbie :)

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