What is Search Engine Optimization-A Perfect SEO Guide for Beginner

All of us are aware of this term SEO which means Search Engine Optimization .This in layman terms, means to get your site indexed on Google without paid services. Everybody wants to make his/her site popular so Search Engine Optimization is very important for all of us.

One-in-All Beginner’s Guide about Search Engine Optimization

Today I will share some secrets or general discussion terms about SEO:

1) As wisely said by someone that in a race either run faster or destroy the competitor mentally. Similarly in SEO either work,work and work on SEO or work just better than the competitors.

2) Keywords or meta tags are very important so these must be chosen with lots of attention and care. For eg: In an article of SEO if I add SEO, SEO marketing and marketing SEO then these will be counted as two different keywords.

3) Order of keywords is very important.

4) Make sure you add excerpt to your articles because sometimes the keyword gets matched to it and your result could appear at the top.

5) The best part of SEO starts right from the day you choose your domain name. You must choose SEO friendly and in demand keyword for your domain.

6) Give short titles to your articles and set permalinks to SEO friendly.

7) Use some plugins like :
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(8) Try to include your most important keyword phrases in heading tags on your page if you can but keep in mind it should not be exactly same as title of your page.

9) Must specify meta keywords in the heading of the text.

10) Submit your website only once to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and open directory.

11) Get link from other sites related to yours, search engine consider it as vote in your favor. That is very easy as we people do comment on other sites and generate backlinks for our site.

12) A traditional advice to write guest article and gain backlinks for yourself and traffic for your site.

13) Make sure you add lots of links as “ links exchange is very important”, As the ranking is also decided on the basis of kind of links exchanged and kind of websites with which you exchange links.

14) The last and most important make sure you try and get good amount of back links from high PR websites.

I have shared this 14 most important facts about SEO. If I have missed any, then please share with us here.

This post is written by Ashish Sukhija

I am Ashish Sukhija currently a student of Btech Computer Science. I landed up into blogging by the suggestion of one of my friend and now I wish to mark up my presence among the top listed bloggers .


  1. Hey Ashish, this is really a perfect search engine optimization guide for the beginners. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Nice Post..this is wat a beginner shud know about SEO..

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