25+ Free Blog Sites to create your first Blog

Free blogs are very useful for everyone who want to share something with rest of the world using personal or professional blog. Free blog sites are also used for off page search engine optimization where you can submit your articles with links to receive backlinks from free blogs. Following are the blog lists which you must use for link building or creating your own personal blog.

1. WordPress.Com

2. Blog.com

3. Blog.co.in

4. Blogger.com

5. Bloggum.Com

6. Blogster.Com

7. Bravejournal.Com

8. Expat-Blog.Com

9. Insanejournal.Com

10. Jimdo.Com


12. Livejournal.Com

13. Msn4free.Com

14. Multiply.Com

15. Over-Blog.Com

16. Posterous.Com

17. Seekopia.Com

18. Soulcast.Com

19. Tumblr.Com

20. Viviti.Com

21. Webs.Com

22. Wikispaces.Com

23. Blogs.Bigadda.Com

24. Wetpaintcentral.Com

25. Yola.Com

26. Weebly.Com

27. Webnode.Com

28. Sosblog.Com

So, These are the best 28 places where you can start blogging with your personal blog. Following are the resources where you can learn the basics of creating your first blog.
How to Create Private Blog at Blogger.Com
How to Create Blogs on Blogger.Com
How to Write your First Post on Blogger.Com

These tutorials are basics and same are applied over all free blogs with little difference. Read the above tutorials and then start your blogging. Wishing you all the best for your first blog. Go and Write few Posts today and share with your friends to know their opinions.


  1. Rajan Balana @ DreamBloggers says:

    Hey Good work man, Collaborated a nice list and useful for new bloggers.

    Really appreciable. :)

  2. Rohit Batra says:

    Nice List for beginner bloggers..

  3. Good list bro,
    Of late Windows Live is wrapping the service else it was the best option for me to blog!

    • PankajGupta says:

      Yes, now they are official partner of WordPress.Com and if you will try to create then they will show this message and tell you to start your blog on wordpress.

  4. hi this is nice list

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