How to Drive Lots of Traffic on Websites From Blog Directories

Getting Traffic on new blogs is really difficult and usually this is the main problem for new blogger friends. Usually they set up nice theme, written original contents and lots of useful information but later they realized that they are not getting traffic and if a blog is not getting traffic then what is the use of it. So this post will discuss one more method to drive traffic on your website.

Blog Directories are considered as good source of traffic, not because of they are very popular but also lots of members of blog directories usually search for related contents and if you have posted good contents on your blog and listed your blog on such directories then you will start getting related traffics.

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There are much more benefits of participating in blog directories like:

1. Free Review: Usually readers search for good posts in blog directories and if you have written a good post and submitted it to blog directories then you can get free reviews from them on either their website or in that directory. Also, they can share your post on their blogs giving you a backlink which will help you to improve the page rank of your website.

2. Free Exposure: Thousands of readers browse blog directories every day to learn something based on their interest and if your blog is listed there then your website will start getting exposure and it will increase direct traffic on your website because readers will start remembering your website and once it happen you are going to receive lots of traffic.

3. Faster Indexing of your website: Once you have submitted your blogs on directories then usually the indexing of your blog posts will increase because it will increase the search engine bots visits from those directories towards your website and hence bots will remember your website and they will keep visiting on your website for faster indexing.

4. Blogger Friends: You will also get chance to meet better and good bloggers and you can become friends too then it will benefit you because you will learn much more from top bloggers.

So, do not forget or neglect Blog directories. It can send you lots of related traffic on your blog. If you are searching for blog directory lists then read it here: List of Blog Directories to Increase Traffic on website

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  1. Sathish @ TechieMania says:

    Hi Pankaj, thanks for sharing the useful tips about Blog directories. I am planning to use them to drive traffic for my blog, hope following your tips will help me to achieve that. Thanks again.

  2. Rohit Batra says:

    Thanks Pankaj for sharing this..I didn’t knew that blog directories can also drive traffic for us..will surely try this..

  3. Vivek Parmar says:

    blog directories help you to index your new blog withing 24 hours after registering the domain and submitting to blog directories

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