How to Receive Notifications and alerts on Mobile Phone From Facebook

If your mobile phone is having Internet Browser or Internet Browsing Feature then you can do all activities in facebook from your mobile phone itself. No need to open facebook from Desktop or your Laptop. To receive notification and updates from facebook you have to activate your mobile number with facebook account and after that you will keep receiving updates made by facebook friends from facebook to your mobile phone. To add your mobile number on facebook to use this facility, visit this facebook link or open it in new tab. Click here to open.

Once you have opened that link, you will be redirected to the following page. Make sure that you are logged in into your facebook account, to open this page directly.

Click on the first link that says Register of facebook text messages and then it will open an ajax form where you have to select your country and mobile carrier company from drop down lost.

Once you have selected country and mobile carrier company from drop down list then it will open other form where it will show a message and will ask you to send a sms to respective number from your mobile phone.

Do not close this form. Let it be open. You will receive a confirmation code from facebook. Once you have send that message from your mobile phone. Now enter that verification code and click on next button. Once you have successfully entered the verification code, it will take you a final page where it will show confirmed box on top and then there will be some settings which you have to set based on your requirement.

Just Select all required option from the setting page and save it. Now your mobile number is registered with facebook and you are going to receive notifications on your mobile.

Hope, this was an easy tutorial for you to setup your mobile number with facebook. If you have any doubt then feel free to ask here. Do not hesitate.


  1. Rajan Balana says:

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with my BSNL Phone Number. Thanks for sharing the tutorial :)

    • PankajGupta says:

      It is working fine for me. I am using Vodafone. Attach your number and I think it will take few days before they send you alerts because for me, it took almost one week and then I started getting alerts on my mobile phone.

  2. Manas_gita2011 says:

    i have tey more than 4 times but the confiromation message will not come.i used aircel number…

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