How to Increase Alexa Ranking of Website

Every One want to be in the top of Alexa Ranking and why not. It is the best way to know your website ranking. Alexa Ranking is not a new concept in this Internet Market. It is having 16+ more years experience in Internet, to deliver the best to its users and now it is on the Top of the world.

About Alexa : Before I tell you any thing regarding the Increasing the Alexa Ranking of Your Website, First You should know about Alexa. is a product of one of the Largest company on internet i.e.

How it looks when your site got Ranking of 100,000 or Higher: When your site gets ranking between 1-100000 then the Alexa will display a Graph something like this.

Alexa Toolbar for Increasing Your Website Ranking
Screen Shot of Alexa Toolbar

Download the Alexa Toolbar: Toolbar is available for downloading but it is available only for two Internet Browsers. The terms used for the software of Alexa is different for both Browsers. This software can be downloaded from this Link:
1. Internet Explorer:

When you will open the download link of Alexa in Internet Explorer, it will look like the same as the Left Figure. Simply click on Install Now and Install Your Alexa Toolbar(One of the Important Factor for Increasing the Alexa Ranking).

2.Firefox(and Similar browser):

When you will open the download link in the Firefox or similar browser, you will see such similar picture. Download Sparky in Firefox. Actually Alexa Ranking is useful when you want to sell your blog to other webmasters. It will play an important role to determine the price of your blog.

So, If you want to Increase your blog ranking then follow the following steps.

1.Installing the Alexa toolbar to Increase your Alexa Ranking :
Until you have not installed Alexa toolbar no need of reading further download and thinking for boosting your website ranking. So if you really want to increase alexa ranking of your website, Go and download the Alexa toolbar.

2.Take Alexa Widget and put it to your website: After installing the Alexa toolbar in your browser, now you have to add the Alexa widget in your website which will help you to see the updated ranking of your & others’ website.

3.Write your own contents: Do not forget to write new and your own content on website to update your site that will automatically update your ranking in various Search Engine.By this it will also help you to Increase your Alexa Ranking.

4.Promote Your Website : Promote your Website to increase the Ranking of your website that will automatically Increase the Alexa Ranking.

5.Always Use Alexa Toolbar to Visit Your Website: Always use Alexa Toolbar installed browser to visit your website. Since Toolbar is directly attached with therefore each visit from this toolbar will send the updated report to Alexa and that will increase your ranking.

6.Tell Others to Use Alexa Toolbar: Tell your friends and other to use Alexa Toolbar because if they will install Alexa Toolbar in their Browser and if they visit your website at any time then it can be useful for improving your Alexa ranking.

7.Participate in Link Referral:This is one of the Biggest factor to improve your Ranking. Participate in the Link referral.It is the Best way to increase Alexa Ranking and also it will improve your Website Ranking.

8.Participate in Forums that is related to Your Website:Find out the Forums that are related to your website then Create your Profile because many forum allow your to add website name in your profile and in your signature.This will help you to boost your Ranking.

9.Submit Your Site to various Search Engine: Submit your website under various Search engines like Google,Yahoo etc. It will index your website in their Directory and will be available for the Users that are searching something in the Search Engine.

10.Submit Your Website to Various Online Bookmarking Sites: You can add your website to various Bookmarking site like twitter,Digg, stumble etc to get Traffic.

These are the Ways you can improve Your Ranking in Alexa.  By doing these your website will get Huge Traffic also.


  1. Sunjay Singh says:

    I was just working on some points to increase my alexa ranking. I will now follow all points told by you. Thank you Pankaj.

  2. Nice techniques pankaj

  3. Deepak Kumar Mahla says:

    I think traffic is the main thing required for good alexa ranking.

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