How to Increase Traffic to Website for free

Hello Friends, this article will give your all the detail about “How to increase Traffic to your website” for Free. Read and apply these to your website & see much more Improved Ranking of your website within one week.

Basically, New members who have entered in the Blogging or website,they are basically searching for the way to improve the Traffic and Ranking of their website with Advertising their site. Since they are new to this so they want some method which is totally free to implement.

These are the ways using which you can increase the Traffic to your Website.

1. Submit Your Website to all the Search engine Like, and other. It will regularly send visitors to your site. Means if some one searching something in Google and you have already submitted your website to the search-engines and If search engine found the query of visitors related to your website then it will show your website there and definitely visitors will come to your website and it will increase traffic to your website.

2.Increase Site Linking means Link Exchange: This is the another method to increase the Traffic to your website. Just ask with the webmaster or author of other sites to do link exchange with your site.By this,if some one visit their site then they can also visit your website to their search. So by this way you can increase traffic to your website.

3.Participate in Link Referral: This is one of the Biggest factor to improve your Ranking. Participate in the Link referral. It is the Best way to increase Alexa Ranking and also it will improve your Website Ranking because you will keep getting the visitors.

4. Read this article to increase Your Ranking. In this article the method of increasing Alexa ranking is given .This may also help you to increase Visitors to your website.

5.Add Feedburner email subscription form: Add Feedburner subscription form to your website by creating your profile here.

6. Tell to your Friends: Tell about your website and its benefits to your friends and tell them to visit if they like the articles. So,ensure them that my site is Good and at least visit once .If your site is really good then they will visit every time,when they come online.

7.Use Keywords and meta tags :This is also one of the important fact to get indexed in search engine very quickly. Add meta tag and keywords to your website.

8.Advertisement: You can advertise manually in free time with the help of chatting software,to your friends there. In chatting forum,make your friend and tell them about your site. They will sure visit your website and it will improve your ranking.

9. Give Some time: This is another important factor. Give some time to search engine to indexed your web page and in mean time try to add more and more self written contents in your website. Once you are listed in Search Engine, Your each and every self written articles will get indexed quickly.
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  1. IdeaCreator says:

    I think link building is still the main source of traffic. Thanks for sharing other ways.

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