Preview of Website Result Pages New Feature from Google Search Engine

Google have added a new feature in its search engine called Google.Com Search Result Preview. This features was already present in Bing.Com and this is really Cool feature where you can see the view of any website that comes in Google search engine without visiting that website.

Google Search Engine Website Preview Feature

As you can see in the above screenshot that Google search engine is showing view of Blogdefined.Com by just clicking on that circled tool.

If you want to see it, then open Google.Com and search with any keyword and just click on image preview tool and it will show you the layout of website as image.

Once you have clicked on Image Preview Tool then You don’t have to click for every search result. Just move your cursor over results and it will automatically show you the preview of websites in Google Search Engine..

I don’t understood why Google have copied the search result preview feature from Bing.Com. As Google is famous of its unique feature updates on time to time this new update may create many confusion in the mind of All Google only lovers.

So, Did you like this new feature in Google? Please share your views.


  1. Sathish @ TechieMania says:

    Hi Pankaj, Thanks for sharing this information. Google has plenty of new ideas with them. But If someone got a better idea than Google’s then they will copy it and use it with their apps, they are the undisputed king.

    • PankajGupta says:

      Thanks for Sathish for your comment and Yes, Google have to stop these copy paste of ideas otherwise they are loosing and giving strong reputation to their competitor.

  2. thanks for sharing this bro. its cool to see the results. i am able to see the sites design before visiting the site.

  3. Preview option is hardly useful,though it looks cute.

    • PankajGupta says:

      Preview Option is only useful when we want to analyze the competitors websites without opening them. Thank You Preeti for your first Comment. Welcome to BlogDefined.

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