Complete Google talk – Gtalk Tips and Tricks

Hello Friends,Gtalk is a Online Chatting Tools to Chat with Our Friends in Less time. It is one of the Best Chatting tool and it is Really Loved by most of the Peoples. So,Here I am Going to tell you the Complete Tips of Gtalk so that You can Chat with your friends in Quick time. These tips will help you to increase your Speed in Gtalk.

1.Write in Bold Text:To Write the Texts in Bold Letters enclosed it with asterikk like *How to write Bold Text in Gtalk*. It Will Display the Text in Bold Letters.

2.Write in Italic Text: To write in Italics just Put underscore( _ ) in the Beginning and in the last of the Text to write in Italic Format.

3.Write in Multiple Line: To Write in Multiple Line While Chatting,Just Press SHIFHT and then Press Enter to start writing in new line.

4.Restore Gtalk Window:If you have minimized the Gtalk in the System Tray and suddenly you want to restore to view your friends,just Press Windows Key+ ESC to Restore the Gtalk Window from System Tray to the front of you.

5.Send Mail to Select Friend:If you wanted to send mail to the selected friend Suddenly then open the chat window of that Friend and Just Press f9. It will Open Gmail Account in Compose Mail Position and there the email id of your selected friend will automatically appear. So,Just type Message and send your mail.

6.Call to Friend in Gtalk: If You want to Call to your friend in Gtalk Press F11 to call and after Call Press F12 to end the Call in Gtalk.

7.Switch Between 2 or more open Chat Window in Gtalk:Suppose you are Chatting with Two or More Friends simultaneously and want to switch their chat windows quickly then press ESC to Switch between the Open Chat windows.

8.Gtalk ShortCuts:

  • Ctrl + NumPad 5 : It will Select all the Typed Words .Press Only Numpad 5 .
  • Ctrl + NumPad 1 :Cursor will go to the End of the Last Line .
  • Ctrl + NumPad 7 :
  • Ctrl + F4 -It will Close the Currently Opened Windows.
  • Alt + F4 – It closes the current window.
  • Alt + Esc : It Will Minimize the Open Gtalk to System Tray. It is Just Reverse of Step 4.

9.You can use Emoticons in Chat:You can Use Emoticons like -| :-O :-x :-P :-D ;-) :-( :-) B-) :'( :| :O :x :P :D :) :( :) and many more. It also Support some Smileys of yahoo and MSN.

10. How to Use Multiple Google Talk in Same System:You have to Just Modify 1 line of code in Property of Gtalk Shortcut icon. For More Help Visit Here Use Multiple Gtalk Account.
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