How to Use Multiple Google Talk Account in the Same System

Do you use multiple gmail account to communicate with different people online & also multiple gtalk account to chat with your friends & business people seperately? Then today I am going to share you a small trick by which you can use multiple gtalk accounts without doing alternate login & logout for each account.

How to Use Multiple Google Talk

1. Place the Gtalk shortcut icon on the desktop of your system.
2. Right click on the shortcut icon of the Google Talk & Select Properties.
3. After right clicking on the properties, one context menu will appear. See the Target Tab. There you can add any thing. But we need to add the following. Just copy and paste it in the target field.

“C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex

Now, Press Ok and Exit.


Now Click on the icon and login to Gtalk using your first gmail account. Again, click on the icon and login using other gmail id. If you have saved your password while logging to gtalk then it will again open the same account. So, in this case, just logout from second gtalk and login again with different id.

Multiple Gtalk Login Screenshot

It will look like:

So, Enjoy. Use More than one i.e. multiple Gtalk account on the same system. Each click on the shortcut icon will open a new gtalk menu, from there you can login with different id and password.

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