Earn USD 100 From Paypal and facebook using paypal wishlist

It is a good news for facebook users.Now, PayPal has started a new contest for PayPal members of these following countries: India, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia or Singapore . Only PayPal users from these countries are applicable to earn the US 100$. However,any one can participate in this contest but only the above country users will be paid.

This is the image you will get after logged into your paypal account.

PayPal wishlist is the name of the contest. To register on this contest you have to be a member of facebook.com .

If you have a facebook account,if not then kindly create a new account in facebook, then you can add this PayPal wishlist application in your account by the following link: http://apps.facebook.com/paypalwishlist/?ppref=100000501832217&ref=nf

Steps to register for this contest:
1.Register on www.facebook.com .

2. Register on www.PayPal.com

3. After creating PayPal account from the above link then login in your facebook account.

4. Open this facebook application: http://apps.facebook.com/paypalwishlist/?ppref=100000501832217&ref=nf

5.After adding your facebook account and PayPal account in this paypal wishlist,you will get $1 for the first time. In this picture, I have invited my friends so it is showing total earning.

6.You can earn maximum 100$ from this contest.

7. After registering your paypal account with paypal wishlist just create your wishlist and publish it. After publishing this wishlist,it will be shown to all your friends wall in facebook automatically. So, when your friends will associate your account using your update then you will get $1 per friend.

This is so easy to earn 100$ because you don’t have to tell your friends individually .Just you have to published it into your facebook account and wait for sometime and this will work automatically.

So, Before associating this application in facebook create the paypal account first by clicking this link:www.Paypal.com

Note: 31 Dec 2008 is the last date of this contest. Read the PayPal terms and conditions for more information.