New Features in Orkut.Com

New Features in Orkut.Com:

Have You tried the new look ( version ) of It is something like facebook but not at all like facebook. They have introduced some new cool features from the older version of Orkut.

1.Comment on Status Update feature: New Orkut have introduced the status update feature totally with a new concept. In the earlier version of Orkut, their was a option for updating status message which will be seen by all your orkut friend but they just can see the updates by you but can not comment on your status. So, in new version of Orkut, you can also post any comment to the status update of your friends.

2.New look of Recent Visitors on your Profile: In the earlier version of Orkut, you were getting only the text name of the visitors and it was tough to identify the visitors. To identify the visitors on your profile, you have to go to that visitors profile to know about that person. But now in new orkut, you can see the visitors profile image along with his/her name so it is now easier to identify the visitors on your profile without going to that person’s profile.

3. Easy to find the friend from my friends section: In earlier version of Orkut it was hard to find a particular friend from your friends list,if you are having 100+ friends, because, you have to browse all the pages to search your that particular friend. But in new version of Orkut, their is a search option for friends. If you will start typing the name of your friend then it will short the friends name in alphabetical order and you will get your friend within 5 second. So, this is another cool features in new orkut.

4. Graphics of new All the features are interesting but I don’t like the graphics of new . Older version of Orkut is having better graphics than the newer one. Hope in coming time, they will short out this problem.

You can discuss any other feature that you like with Us. Just post in the comment section.
Thank you.

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