How to Promote Blogs to Get More Traffic for Free

There are many ways to promote your own blogs for getting good Traffic and hence to increase your Website Ranking and at the end you can earn good amount of Money from putting advertisements from top advertising Companies like google, Yahoo, and others as applicable.

Now, I am going to tell you some ways to promote your blogs. Your have to work regularly for some time, you can called as some month, for keep getting targeted Traffic in the future. Also, you have to post quality posts daily so keep your visitors updated with your content and blog.

Use of Comments Form in other website:You can use the comments box of other websites for generating traffic on your blog. Keep reading top tech blogs and put your comments based on their posts. Do no spam in comment section. Give Good Comment and leave a hyperlink of your blog at the end of the comment. By this, you will get good visitors on your blog.

Be on the top list in Comments form: This is the best trick to get thousands of visitors on your blog . Be first to put good comments with your blog hyperlink at the end because when other visitors of that blog will comment or read that blog then they may visit your blogs and that’s it,you will start getting visits.

Use of Signature: You can use your blog name as a signature in your email accounts so that if you will send mails to your friends and your blog readers then they may visit your blog also.

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  1. Very interesting blog you have. I have started to read some of your articles and also registered my email. Lots to learn! Thank you Pankaj

    I do have a question:
    When you say “… and leave leave a hyperlink of your blog at the end of the comment” do you mean at the end of the comment as I do here or you mean in the Website (optional) field?

    Thank you,

    • I am really sorry for the late response. I missed this comment. Below is the response:
      ” Most of the users use comment URL field to add website URL. You can also add at the end of the comment but that is not recommended and will look like spam. “

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