How to Submit Your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

This is the continuation of the page Complete Guide on Google Webmasters Tool. Now, In this tutorial I will Tell you how to submit your sitemap to Google using Google webmaster tool.

Login to your Webmaster Tools Account using your user name and password. Then you will see your website name listed there on the home page like the below image.

login to webmasters Tool Zone

Click on your website name. For me, I have clicked on blogdefined.Com. It will take to you a new page. See at the right bottom most, You will find a option called Submit a sitemap. Click on that link. It will redirect you to a new page.

Create the sitemap of your website and upload it any where in your website. Now, Click on submit a sitemap button and give the location where you have uploaded your sitemap  and click on submit button.

Adding Sitemap in Google webmaster

After 5 minutes Refresh the page and it will show you the statistics about total page submitted and total page indexed already till that time.
Now, You have done your work. Let the search engine crawler to work for you. Each time,You will add any content to your website, it will be indexed by Google Crawler using information sent via Google meta verification file or tag.
Hope, you enjoyed this tutorial.  Please ask your question based on this tutorial below by using comment section.


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