How to Create Facebook Fan Page for Your Blog

Before I should discuss How to create facebook fan page, let me first discuss about what is facebook fan page and what is its importance?

What is facebook fan page?

Facebook fan page is a collection of interested peoples all over the world on your particular topic or theme. Suppose, you have create a fan page of search engine optimization then when you tell about this fan page to your friends then if they are interested in S.E.O. then they will become fan of your facebook page and by this way, your fan list will start increasing day by day.

Need of Facebook fan page?

Let you have a blog or website on a particular topic then facebook fan page will help you to connect will all your website or blog reader and it will help you to increase your website traffic. Also, It can be useful to promote your business products.

How to create facebook fan page?

Now coming to the topic, how you can create your own facebook fan page to get connected with thousands of readers .

1. First of login into your facebook profile.

2. Navigate to Ads and Pages. You will find this option at left side of your wall page in facebook.

3. Now click on create page option at the right side on the explorer.

4. Select a category for your page:

Local business
Brand, product, or organization
Artist, band, or public figure

Select any of the above category and then select the sub category under it.

5. Type the name of your fan page.

6. Check the checkbox that says “I’m the official representative of this person, business, band or product and have permission to create this Page.”

7. Now, Click on Create official page button and your fan page is now created. Now, after creating the fan page, you can upload the photo for your fan page. Now, Become the fan of your newly created fan page and then invite your friends to become a fan of your page.

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