How to Optimize the Website For Bing Search Engine

Bing Search is one of the top three leading search engines in the world. Bing is just one year old search engine so you must start optimizing your website for Bing search engine. Bing Webmaster Center is a good place to optimize your website for search engines. So, You must start working on Bing Webmaster center so that you will get to know how Bing search engine works. For this, Bing webmaster center will really help you a lot.Open Bing search engine webmaster center here: Bing Webmaster Center

You can submit your website in bing webmaster. You can submit your website address, sitemap address and webmaster contact email so that if your website will encounter any issue with Bing webmaster then Bing support contact team with send that issue to your email.

After adding your website information, you have to verify your website ownership. This can be done in two ways. First one is, by uploading a xml file at the root on your website server and the second process is by adding meta tags to your website pages. You can use either of the method. But the first method is very useful. It will keep telling BING crawler to visit your website.

What to do after verifying my Website in Bing Webmaster Center?

Step 1: You have completed the first and most important steps for optimizing your website for Bing Search engine. After verifying your website, start posting as much content on your website as you can, but keep in mind that you have to post atleast 200 words long posts and the content must be original written by you. Because Bing Loves original content and for all search engines, content is king.

Step 2: Bookmark your website in top bookmarking website as soon as you post any fresh content on your website. It will help you to index your websites in Bing quickly.

Step3: Post an update of your new blog or website post in twitter and facebook.

Follow all the above mentioned steps and soon you will see the difference in Bing search engine and traffic rise on your website from Bing search engine.

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  1. Man I never kknew about Bing Web Master till now.. Will rush away to it right now

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