Best Affiliate Program for Indian to Make Money Online

Affiliate Programs are the best way to make money online.Now a days, Indian webmasters are working online to earn money. They are mostly preferring affiliate program because affiliate programs gives more money than any revenue generating website. So, Below are the Top affiliate Programs in India for Indian. They can easily make more money by participating in these affiliate programs.

1. Shaadi.Com : Shaadi.Com pays Rs 25 for each free profile made on . Also, they pay approximately Rs. 1900 for the paid membership. So, If you have a website having lots of traffic then you can easily earn thousands per day.

2. Yatra.Com : If you have travel website or blog, then you can setup and add the search engine to your website and blog. You will be paid for every registration made by your search engine.

3. vcommission is also one of the best affiliate website that pays you on net30 days basis. Payment via paypal.

4. Agriya Affiliate: Payment via PayPal every month. Payout is $75.

5. Clixgalore: You will earn upto 75% commission on each sale you made.

6. dgm-india: You will earn commission on each lead you made.

7. Bharat Matrimony affiliate: India’s Top Matrimonial website that will pay 50% of commission to you for every paid membership.

8. Tyroo: Website owners can monetize their website to earn moneywith

9. PayPopUp: You will earn 20% of the money made by webmasters under your referral. It is a 5 tier commission program. Payment after exceeding $100.


  1. You shared a lot of very meaningful information and its going be very helpful.

  2. Sadek123 says:

    I love your blog! It was a very nice read.. keep up the good work you are very talented!…

  3. Avinash M says:

    hi pankaj, myself avinash, i read you blog on affialiate marketing,but for joining publisher they ask for the website name, i am new, i don’t have website,So what should i do ? pls help me my email id is avinashrmore2010@yahoo:disqus .com

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      They need a website before approving you. I think you can create your free blog on and use that for joining and let see whether you are getting approval from them or not. Otherwise you have to create your own blog or website.

  4. Avinash M says:

    creating a blog any specific subject required from the above site

  5. Thanks Pankaj,
    I really love your site.
    I have two blogs plz suggest how can i earn money through this blogs


    Thanking You


    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      You can update your blogs daily with good contents and then use Google adsense to make money from it. You have to bring lots of traffic to increase your earning.

      I have written many tutorials on Google adsense. Open the following link to read the tutorials.
      Google adsense Tutorials

  6. Rahul Jaiswal says:

    Dashcoat Network is one the fast growing Online Advertising Network that allows the advertisers to reach targeted and qualified customers through thousands of individual Publishers.

    DashCoat Network is a leader in performance based web marketing by offering CPA (Cost per Action), CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions), CPC (Cost per Click), CPL (Cost per Lead), CPI (Cost per Install), CPD (Cost per Download), CPS (Cost per Sale) and PPV (Pay per View) Video ads.

    • PankajGupta says:

      Rahul, this site is totally new and I don’t think any body will have any review regarding this website. But this site is using Post Affiliate Pro which is a good tracking software. Hope to see some good reviews about this in future.

  7. I have used tyroo and my experience with them has been extremely poor.
    They have not made payments for transactions completed over a year ago. It is difficult to get a response from them. i would not recommend using them
    I was wondering how many other publishers have face similar problems. I would like to know about their experience and how they resolved the issue with tyroo and has anyone explored legal options

    I checked their facebook page and saw atleast 3-4 other publishers complaining about the same issue in 1 week.

    Working with Tyroo ? Stop using them to avoid loss of revenue. Worst Indian Affiliate company.

    Paid 40% less than what showed in Dashboard, asked them for payment stats two weeks ago. All I got was two forwarded emails.

    When I was their Publisher, I had to make phone calls several times to get Cheque.

    Seems like not much have changed now.

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