Top Bing SEO Tips – Search Engine Optimization Techniques For Higher Rankings

Bing search engine is just more than 3 year old in search engine field. Bing is continuously working on their search engine algorithm to give you top results based on your Bing search engine query. This is the right time for every webmasters to start thinking about Bing search engine and optimize their website for Bing search engine, if not yet started.

I am posting Top Bing search engine optimization tips . Follow all the SEO tips given here.

1. Age of your website : Bing basically prefers old age domains for listing them to top search results. So, You have register a domain as soon as possible to get better ranking in Bing search engines.

2. Title of Your Web Page: Title of the web page is most important factor for getting higher ranking in Bing search engine. So, Write the post and write the title of your web page according to your post.

3. Content on Your Web Page: You must atleast write 250 words in your each posts to get higher ranking in Bing search engine. Search Engines mostly prefer content not images. Once you have done this step, then you have done it for all the major search engines. So, No need to worry about other search engines.

4. Backlinks towards your website: When I am talking about Backlinks, it means Quality backlinks towards your website. Quality Backlinks means you must get the backlinks with the similar websites as yours. So, More Quality Backlinks means more ranking in Bing search engine.

5. Robots.txt File: Create Robots.txt files for the Bing search engine crawler and upload it to your website root directory. It will help the Bing crawler to crawl your website. Also, You should disallow the directories of your website, which you do not want the crawlers to craw.

6. Updating the Web Page: If you are updating your web pages on some time interval then it will help the crawler to crawl your website and will give higher ranking in Bing search engine. Since, Search Engines like updated content, then updating your website pages (adding some more content) may help to get greater ranking.

So these are the top 6 Bing search engine optimization tips. Correct me if I am wrong at any place or if you have some extra Bing SEO Tips then please post it below.


  1. Rohit Batra says:

    nice tips Pankaj…bing is also growing out to gain popularity in search engines..

  2. Bible Study says:

    Very nice tips. Few people on the web mention optimizing for Bing as well as google. Google may lose market share to Bing anytime. This is why it is important to optimize for more than google. However, they are very similiar for ranking. However, with Bing, the title and h1 tags are more important than for google seo. Backlinks are important, however many over emphasize them. A good solid number of backlinks is important, but these must be coupled with good on page seo. Together using these techniques, you could outrank a competitor with many more backlinks, but poor on page seo. Again, nice tips.

  3. Seopintar says:

    I don’t agree in the “Search Engines mostly prefer content not images” point. Why? Just simple, why Google,BING and Yahoo give Image Search tool? Everyone like images for any article to help them easily understanding the article talking about. And search engine help them to find the most relates searched beside, keyword,contain long,images. I think images is very important point for every search engine because I have a gallery site that give me $100-$300/day for my Adsense.

    Great share, here my YM if you wan’t to add me ass your friend. @seopintar, wait for your feed back

    • Pankaj Gupta says:

      That’s Really great you are making such amount with your gallery website. Actually if you have Gallery website then search engines will prefer images. But if you have article sites, they prefer content more and then few images with each posts.

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